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We chat with you for a few hours to deep dive into your ideas and vision and professionally write the book in your own authentic voice.


Get a professional, eye-catching book cover, design, trailer, and more, optimized for every platform, and get published while retaining 100% ownership.


Become a #1 bestselling author in 6 months, guaranteed! And leverage your new status to boost credibility, authority, and business revenues.

Discover How We Combine These 3 Phases For a Truly Done-For-You Bestselling Book Service

We’ll Turn Your Ideas into a #1 Bestselling Book in Just 6 Months, Guaranteed!

  • Phase 1: Produce
  • Phase 2: Publish
  • Phase 3: Promote
Phase 1: Produce

We chat with you for a few hours to understand your ideas and vision and expertly write your book in your own authentic voice.

  1. Get absolute clarity on your profitable book idea once and for all with your own bestselling book coach.
  2. We identify your “WHY” for writing the book and plan your backend business and lead generation funnel.
  3.  We hone in on your target readers with pinpoint accuracy, quickly.
  4. We write a perfect, throat-grappling unique hook that helps your book stand out in the market.
  5. Get a hand-picked, perfect angel writer who truly understands you and your vision for the book.
  6. Get a draft of your book’s outline from your angel writer for your review.
  7. Get suggestions on the Title and Subtitle of your book, which are the single most important words for the success of your book.
  8. Provide feedback to your angel writer, after which he starts writing your manuscript in your very own voice. Plus, you get unlimited revisions.
  9. Next, our professional copy editors ensure that your book reads well, depicts your story in the best light, and instills confidence in your readers.
  10. Finally, our expert proofreaders meticulously check your manuscript to make sure it is absolutely error-free prior to publishing.

Phase 2: Publish

Get a professional, eye-catching book cover, design, trailer, and more, optimized for every platform, and get published while retaining 100% ownership.

  1. Our seasoned copywriters will write your cover copy, author bio, and book description.
  2. A professional designer will design your Kindle cover…
  3. …And the cover of your paperback book!
  4. Then we’ll format your eBook so it can be enjoyed on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, and every other popular eBook reader.
  5. We design the paperback interior to ensure an attractive layout that enhances the reading experience.
  6. Get a book trailer video from our professional video editors to get potential readers excited and compelled to buy a copy.
  7. Get detailed keyword research, competition pricing assessment, and category research.You’ll also get your very own Amazon KDP account.
  8. No more worrying about getting your own ISBN either. We do all the tedious work for you.
  9. Get your very own Amazon KDP account.
  10. Then we’ll publish and distribute the Kindle and paperback versions of your book. With us, you retain all rights and ownership of the book—PLUS you keep 100% of your royalties.

Phase 3: Promote

Become a #1 bestselling author in 6 months, guaranteed! And leverage your new status to boost credibility, authority, and business revenues.

  1. We set up your Amazon author central page.
  2. We then create a Book Launch Plan to hit the #1 Bestseller on Amazon.
  3. Get ready for the book launch! We’ll release your masterpiece through email lists we have relationships with and promote it on social media and relevant websites.
  4. Enjoy your #1 Bestseller Status on Amazon (in at least one category), 100% guaranteed! [Triple Your Money-Back Guarantee]
  5. Get your #1 bestselling author award.
  6. Also, get at least 15 authentic verified reviews from Amazon Top reviewers and truly interested readers.
  7. No worrying about social media posts and graphics for a whole month—we’ll take care of these for you.
  8. You even get your own customized press release kit.
  9. We’ll also distribute your press release to get your book featured on 100+ media sites, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more. This will position you as a go-to expert in your industry.
  10. Enjoy a personalized marketing plan on how to maximize profit from your bestselling book!

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