The 3 P’s of the Done-For-Your Process


  1. Finalizing your profitable book idea
  2. Locking in your “WHY” for writing the book and planning your backend business funnel & lead generation funnel
  3. Identifying your target reader
  4. Creating the hook of your book to distinguish your book among other books in the market
  5. Selecting an Angel Writer who understands you and your vision for your book
  6. Drafting your book’s outline
  7. Coming up with a title and subtitle for your book
  8. Angel writer writing book content in your own voice based on the interviews with you (You get unlimited revisions also)
  9. Professional copy editing to ensure accuracy and consistency of style
  10. Final proofreading to ensure your manuscript is as error-free as possible prior to publishing.


  1. Cover copy, author bio, and book description by a copywriter
  2. Kindle cover design
  3. Paperback (or hardcover) cover design
  4. eBook formatting so that it’s enjoyable on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, and every popular eBook reader
  5. Paperback interior design to ensure an attractive layout that enhances the reading experience.
  6. Book trailer video to generate enthusiasm among potential readers and inspire them to buy a copy
  7. Keyword research, competition pricing assessment, and category research
  8. Securing an ISBN number for your book
  9. Creating an Amazon KDP account
  10. Publishing and distributing the Kindle and paperback versions of your book. You retain all rights and royalties to the book. (Bonus: We’ll send 25 gift copies to your address so you can show it off immediately)


  1. Creating a backend business funnel
  2. Creating a Lead Generation Funnel
  3. Setting up your Amazon author central page
  4. Promotion of your book (including Amazon Ads, BookBub Ads, and Facebook Ads)
  5. Achieving your guaranteed #1 Bestseller Status (thousands of free downloads and paid sales during launch)
  6. Giving you your #1 bestselling author award & plaque
  7. Getting at least 10 authentic verified reviews on Amazon
  8. Creating a full set of social media posts and graphics for a month
  9. Doing press release distribution to get your book featured on 100+ media sites including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.
  10. Coming up with a personalized marketing plan on how to get maximum profit from your bestselling book

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