How you can sell books in the digital age as an author

We have come to the digital age where the publishing industry and many authors use technology to garner a broader range of audiences.

digital age

With the rapid rise in the popularity of digital books, it is often said that brick-and-mortar bookstores will soon be a thing of the past. However, it has been found that the internet and digital books are considered complementary, not alternative, to conventional print books.

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But with the growth of marketing opportunities and even self-publishing, has it made a decline for traditional publishing houses?

This blog post will walk you through some ideas on how the digital age has changed how authors sell their books and tips.

The publishing industry in the digital age

The digital world is a fascinating place to be, especially if you're an author and book lover. You can access virtually any book imaginable without leaving the comfort of your home, and platforms like Amazon and Apple offer a massive variety of titles to choose from. But this digital access has also had a profound effect on the traditional publishing world.

The publishing industry has changed over the last few years; e-books have become the standard format for digital reading, while the rise of online booksellers has made it easier than ever to self-publish.

The world has become a digital landscape where we have all the access in the world to books over the worldwide web using technology.

The publishing industry has undergone a great deal of change in the digital age, with the rise of online bookstores and the decline of traditional publishing houses.

But despite these changes, the industry is still essentially the same. Traditional publishers are still the gatekeepers to stardom, while online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have become the new bookstores.

Is the self-publishing industry on the rise?

Many authors now don't have a problem reaching milestones such as digital promotion, achieving best-seller status, more speaking gigs, and garnered movie deals.

However, self-published authors have also started walking their path in the publishing industry.

Self-publishing helps all kinds of authors create a platform for themselves, especially new ones.

Every self-published author began with a complex approach to reaching their market without compromising too much budget, which now makes sense in the modern world of book publishing.

As self-publishing becomes more accessible, the first-timers are coming out in droves. Some are even finding success.

While this has been a challenging landscape for traditional authors and publishers, it has also opened up many opportunities for every independent self-published author to reach readers

Best-selling authors in the digital age

There is no doubt that being an author in the digital age is the best time to be one. The ease of publishing, the instant accessibility of books, and the ability to continuously market and promote your books have never been better.

In the digital age, selling books isn't as simple as pitching something to a handful of people in a physical setting. But that doesn't mean that achieving best-seller status is impossible.

It means the exact opposite: the best way to become a best-selling author is to adapt to how best-selling authors sell books in the digital age.

So, how are authors thriving in the digital age?

First, books are now easily accessible, so it's easier for their target audience to order a copy of their works. Customers can type up just the name of your book on search engines, where they can find official links to your books in the market.

Next, You can quickly reach book buyers in today's digital age through social media, eBooks, and other outlets.

Tips on how to sell books in the digital age

Whether you want to sell an e-book or physical copies of your book, your target market and every book lover will want to have enough convenient options for them.

Here are some practical tips on how you can sell your books that even many more best selling authors have adapted into their routine:

1. Understand the art of selling books in the digital age

The most important thing to understand is that the digital age is where people get their information now. Almost everything we do involves the internet in some way.

Many people buy their books online now rather than at a physical store, and in some cases, e-books have even replaced the traditional paperback.

Thanks to several publishing strategies, book publishing became easier for authors to reach a spot in the coveted best-seller status.

If you have a book you want to sell, you have to understand that selling books online is a more difficult task than selling physical books. It's essential to understand the differences between digital and physical marketing and choose which strategy is the best for you.

2. Mind your budget

Whatever budget you have for your bookselling strategy, you need to make sure you plan it properly and have enough to cover for your sales.

digital age

Budgeting is an essential skill in advertising. If you know exactly how much you can spend on advertising, you can better set your budget to produce the best results.

Avoid going crazy by blowing your budget and not reaching your target audience.

Therefore, it is crucial to stick to your budget and not try to “get as many eyes as you can.” This means you will be wasting money if you are not targeting your market correctly.

3. Plan innovative promotional strategies

digital age

There are many different promotional strategies that you can use to sell your books. Since there is tremendous competition in the book industry, you have to develop an excellent promotional plan to separate your book from all the others.

Your book is your product. Making your book discoverable means making it easy to find in whatever marketplace you choose.

The best promotional strategies start with the unique attributes of your product. Many authors are making money by selling e-books, which were not available a few years ago.

E-books do not require printing and shipping, so the cost is much lesser for the author. As technology grows, so does the way we read e-books. Now we can even read audiobooks.

You can also encourage physical book sales by offering a gift with purchase, and you can promote your digital copies by providing unique content only available to e-readers.

Be sure to market your book directly to your readers; the best way to do this is through giving your readers content they enjoy.

4. Use online networking to your advantage.

digital age

Technology has made many things possible which were not available to us earlier. Joining the online communities, blogging, and creating a network of friends on social media can help connect the author with the fans and the potential readers.

If you are an author looking to promote your book, you should try joining the online communities, blogging, and creating a network of friends on social media.

Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have played a significant role in promoting books and helping authors connect with their potential readers. Create a LinkedIn profile so that you can build your professional portfolio online and connect with other authors as well.

5. Seek self-publishing

digital age

There is no question that the publishing industry has changed. This goes way beyond the rise of e-books and e-readers. The books that are being published and the authors who are writing them have also changed.

Self-publishing is one of the best ways to sell your book because it allows you to keep your rights. This strategy will also give you control over your book's design, size, and content. You will set the price, decide on the book design, and have global distribution.

You can also control the entire process of your book's publishing, marketing, printing, and distribution to promote your book on your website and start making sales immediately.

6. Don't be afraid to experiment!

In the digital age, it's easier for us to experiment with different marketing methods than trying to stick to one plan for a long time and seeing if it works. And it's better to try out multiple ways than to stick to one in fear of what happens if it doesn't work out.

New tools and strategies are being developed every day to help authors sell books and build their brand, yet most authors still struggle to make a profit. This is because they are taking the wrong stance when selling books in the digital age.

But it doesn't mean you shouldn't try out different strategies available in the publishing world.

Try another approach if your book isn't selling the way you want it to. The digital revolution has changed how books are read, produced, and distributed altogether. Best-selling authors thrive on their status and have gained a following faster than ever.

The publishing industry is going through tremendous change, but this is where you have complete control over your work.

As an author, you must understand the digital world as it is the future. Nowadays, writers can publish their work themselves, connect with readers and control their destiny.

So, remember: plan well, find the right strategy, and enjoy your journey in promoting your books!

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