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The Ultimate Done-For-You Package

Our 3-Phase Process to Turn Your Book Idea into a Bestselling Book

$24k (Your Commission: $2.4k)


  1. Finalizing your profitable book idea
  2. Locking in your “WHY” for writing the book and planning your backend business funnel & lead generation funnel
  3. Identifying your target reader
  4. Creating the hook of your book to distinguish your book among other books in the market
  5. Selecting an Angel Writer who understands you and your vision for your book
  6. Drafting your book’s outline
  7. Coming up with a title and subtitle for your book
  8. Angel writer writing book content in your own voice based on the interviews with you (You get unlimited revisions also)
  9. Professional copy editing to ensure accuracy and consistency of style
  10. Final proofreading to ensure your manuscript is as error-free as possible prior to publishing.


  1. Cover copy, author bio, and book description by a copywriter
  2. Kindle cover design
  3. Paperback (or hardcover) cover design
  4. eBook formatting so that it’s enjoyable on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, and every popular eBook reader
  5. Paperback interior design to ensure an attractive layout that enhances the reading experience.
  6. Book trailer video to generate enthusiasm among potential readers and inspire them to buy a copy
  7. Keyword research, competition pricing assessment, and category research
  8. Securing an ISBN number for your book
  9. Creating an Amazon KDP account
  10. Publishing and distributing the Kindle and paperback versions of your book. You retain all rights and royalties to the book. (Bonus: 50 gift copies to your address)


  1. Setting up your Amazon author central page
  2. Creating a Book Launch Plan for hitting the #1 Bestseller on Amazon
  3. Book Launch: Releasing your book through email lists we have relationships with, promoting your book on social media and relevant websites
  4. Achieving your guaranteed #1 Bestseller Status
  5. Giving you your #1 bestselling author award
  6. Getting at least 15 authentic verified reviews on Amazon
  7. Creating a full set of social media posts and graphics for a month
  8. Preparing your press release kit
  9. Doing press release distribution to get your book featured on 100+ media sites including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.
  10. Coming up with a personalized marketing plan on how to get maximum profit from your bestselling book

Individual Services

Book Writing (by your Angel Writer)

$12k (Your Commission: $1.2k)

We work with thousands of angel writers, and we’ll hone in on the perfect one for you. Your appointed Angel Writer will understand the vision you have for your book, and then write your vision to life in your very own voice.
Your Angel Writer will conduct interviews and perform extensive research to learn all about you and your book idea.
You’ll get a plan and outline of your book.
Your book will be written in your own authentic voice.
Your Angel Writer will make revisions based on your feedback and guidance.
You’ll get the perfect book description.

Developmental Editing

Costs $0.10 to $0.20 per word depending on the manuscript ((Your Commission: 10%)

Round 1: The editor provides feedback and suggestions regarding global issues of organization, flow, and clarity of ideas. Then you review the feedback and make revisions as per the suggestions.
Round 2: The editor reviews the revisions the author made in Round 1 and provides feedback about any remaining issues. Then you review and respond to new comments from Round 2. 
Round 3: In this clean-up round, the editor reviews only the changes you made in Round 2 and removes all comments and edits. At the end of Round 3, you will receive a clean document.

Copy Editing

Costs $0.05 to $0.10 per word depending on the manuscript (Your Commission: 10%)

Fix spelling mistakes, errors in grammar, and inconsistencies in your manuscript. 
Go through your manuscript line by line to ensure accuracy and consistency of style. 
Restructure awkward sentences, substitute weak words for strong words, and keep your voice intact in the process. 
Ensure that the manuscript will be clear and easy for your prospective audience to understand.
Cross-check that references, art, figures, tables, equations, and other features are accurate and consistent with their mentions in the text.
Prepare a manuscript for the next stage of the publication process.


Costs $0.025 to $0.05 per word depending on the manuscript (Your Commission: 10%)

Proofreading is the last step in the editing process.
It focuses on catching any remaining errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation before formatting. 
Proofreading ensures that no errors were introduced after copy editing.
The goal is to correct outstanding errors in spelling, punctuation, and mechanics. 
The proofreader will correct inconsistencies that may have escaped an editor or writer.

eBook Formatting

$500 – (Your Commission: $50)

Our professionals will format your digital document in the highest quality so that it’s enjoyable on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, and every popular eBook reader (on smartphones and tablets) around the globe.
First, our expert eBook designers will examine your uploaded manuscript to create a custom layout that matches the theme and message of your eBook.
Then, the eBook designers will carefully select font families, a title page layout, front matter, chapter headers, and more. Your manuscript will have an aesthetically pleasing style and performance that readers expect from professionally published eBooks.

Paperback Interior Design

$500 – (Your Commission: $50)

Our staff of professional book designers will receive your input and create a custom layout to match the theme and message of your book.
Our book designers don't use templates to design your book. They expertly custom-design the cover of each book.
We’ll send you proofs of your designs to review and approve. 
You’ll get a customized layout that meets industry standards and provides the ultimate reading experience for your audience.
For every section of your manuscript (such as the foreword, dedication, and chapters), ourbook interior designer will ensure an attractive layout that enhances the reading experience.

Custom eBook Cover Design

$400 – (Your Commission: $40)

Custom, professional eBook cover design
First concept delivered within 7 days
Unlimited royalty-free images and textures
Unlimited changes
Free 3D images for marketing and promotion
No image fees
Upload-ready, high-resolution eBook cover
You keep all rights and profits (no royalties)

eBook + Print Cover Design

$500 – (Your Commission: $50)

Includes everything in the “Custom eBook Cover Design” package
Turnaround time within 7 days
Unlimited changes
Includes front, spine and back cover design
High-resolution, print-ready file (300 DPI)
Free mockup for marketing and promotion
Bar code generated from your ISBN

Book Trailer Video

$2k – (Your Commission: $2k)

Step 1: Script: An animated video (book trailer) comes together at the story stage. It’s the foundation of your video. Once we fully understand your book's core message, we’ll write your script.
Step 2: Design: Once you’re happy with the script, we’ll create a storyboard for your book trailer video. We’ll lay out all the graphics, scene-by-scene, for you to check and approve.
Step 3: Sound: We’ll record a professional voiceover, and order the royalty-free music and/or sound effects required to provide the perfect soundtrack for your book trailer video.
Step 4: Animation: We bring everything together through the magic of animation, rendering a high-definition video file for you to use however and wherever you like.
This book trailer can be used as content on your website, YouTube page, social media page. or online ad campaigns. It can also be distributed to press and media outlets.

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