8 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

The worst feeling in the world is when you start writing and then feel like there's just nothing on the page. You're stuck.

Overcome Writer’s Block

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Do you ever feel like there is no inspiration for what you want to write?

You can't seem to get anything done. You can't get any words out, no matter how hard you try. Do you find yourself staring at the computer screen for hours without writing a single word? If this sounds familiar, don't worry! You are only experiencing writer's block. You are not alone!

Most writers experience a period of writer's block at one point in their life. It can be frustrating and it can make you feel like giving up on your work altogether. But it does not have to be permanent. In fact, there are plenty of ways to overcome writer's block so you can get back to creating content and making money.

So how exactly do you overcome writer's block?

One way is by making a plan and finding your motivation. Let’s go over these 8 tips that will really help you overcome writer's block.

1: Make a plan

In order to overcome writer's block, you need a plan of action. The first step is making an outline for your work and then following that with the actual writing! This will help you write more fluently and easily, as well as stay on task with what's being written about in your book. An outline will help you get started and keep track of what happens next in your story, allowing any Ideas or changes that come up later on easier access than before! Trust me, it'll help get the words flowing again.

Overcome Writer’s Block

The way you can make a book outline is different for everyone. Here are some ideas on how yours should look: The first step in any good story, whether it be written or oral, starts off with an idea that has been inspired by something relevant and interesting from the world around us – this could mean anything from facts about people we know firsthand to things seen while out walking.

Another great way to make an outline is by brainstorming your ideas. You can then divide them into categories, like characters and settings for example so you don't forget anything important when writing the book!

Keep in mind that a book outline is a critical component in crafting an engaging story and it can be a great tool to help you overcome writer's block. The process of creating one starts with you. So never forget that all concepts require planning before they can become great stories.

2: Find your motivation 

The next tip is to find your motivation. Why are you writing this book? Is it for fun? Do you want the money from publishing a novel or do you have another reason entirely that's driving your desire to write about what's on your mind and in your heart?

Overcome Writer’s Block

Why did this book idea matter so much that you decided to go on a journey to become a writer and published author?

How will your story help someone else feel better or learn something new from reading about these events as well- maybe even change their lives too with what they've gone through themselves after experiencing an obstacle just like ours at some point during life on Earth.

You need a good reason to write your book. Do you have one?

Some people find the need to express themselves while others want an avenue where they can share knowledge with like-minded individuals and make money off of their books in return; there's no wrong answer here – every author has different reasons why they decided on this path.

Recognize that you have an important message or story to tell the world, and then set out on telling it! It's not always easy to find the motivation for writing your book. But once you do, all of those hours spent working on it will be worth every minute! 

Once again, why do you want to accomplish this goal?

Knowing your “why” can help keep writer's block at bay when times get tough!

3: Take small steps

Taking small steps instead of big ones can really make a difference. So don’t go too fast with anything before understanding how everything fits together. It might take longer than expected but the result will be worth it.

Overcome Writer’s Block

Don't try and over-achieve by writing a big chapter or an entire book in one sitting or even within a couple of days! You'll burn out quickly that way because it's just not how the mind works best when writing long pieces. Instead, you should create mini checkpoints for yourself so you have something to look forward to every few hours – this will keep your energy going strong as well as avoid writer's block from ever taking hold again.

For example, set a goal where each time you hit 100 words written down on paper about what happens next in your story then reward yourself with some personal downtime afterward to relax and recharge before getting back into working mode.

You can also set a timer on how long you'll work for and then take a break after to do whatever it is that you enjoy doing- going out with friends, watching some TV, or just hanging around outside in the sun. Maybe even go play video games as well if they're your thing! The point here is to recharge after working hard so not only will you stay motivated but be ready when inspiration strikes again soon enough.

Don't drain yourself going too fast. Just pace yourself nicely and trust the process. There is beauty in going slow and steady. Everyone's timing is different.

4: Take a break from writing by doing something else

The next tip I have here for you is taking breaks away from writing altogether; don't skip this step because your story deserves better than an exhausted mind trying to figure out how everything goes together within the plot.

It's also not good for you to get too stressed because that can lead to health issues down the road if it's a prolonged amount of time where your mind is in overdrive and won't turn off at night while sleeping or when trying to relax during downtime. You need some personal time away from the daily grind before returning back into working mode again with how best to proceed forward within your book!

So take a break from writing – watch TV, go to the gym, take a walk outside – this can help you get your groove back on and freshen up your perspective. Being refreshed and having new energy for what comes next in your book helps overcome writer's block! Not only that but taking this time away also gives you an opportunity to come back with more excitement than before so keep that in mind when trying to figure out how much of anything is too much or how little isn't enough.

The point is to recharge after a busy day and then return back with enough energy, passion, and enthusiasm for how best to proceed forward within your book.

5: Read something unrelated to what you're trying to write about for inspiration or perspective

The next tip is to read something unrelated to what you're trying to write about. This will help give your mind a fresh perspective on how best to continue writing the rest of the book while avoiding writer's block for good!

Sometimes when we get too deep into how everything fits together within our story then it becomes harder and harder on ourselves because nothing else makes sense anymore until that one big piece falls into place. So change up how you approach things by reading something fun or engaging, like Fantasy books instead of how-to guides on how to overcome writer’s block (though this article can be both!).

A good healthy distraction is necessary for growth.

You'll see your progress made in no time with how much more easily things go down once inspiration strikes again right away after taking a break from how everything needs to fit together within the plot.

6: Get organized 

When you're stuck in writer's block mode it means that the story isn't coming together how YOU imagined. You can either keep going or start over from scratch again! Every author has their own way of working through ideas, so don't worry if this happens to YOU too.

Being organized is not easy, but it helps tremendously when you're feeling lost because then there are no more problems.

That's right! You heard me – get organized! Organize your workspace so you can stay focused and on track. When tackling how best to proceed forward with writing about what happens next in your story!

For example, I have my laptop set up right beside me at all times along with some stationery supplies like pens, paper, notebooks for any ideas that come out of nowhere while watching TV or even taking a nap (don't judge!). Sometimes inspiration doesn’t always happen when we expect it too but having these tools nearby helps overcome writer's block because then we're ready for anything whenever inspiration strikes again soon enough.

I know it sounds crazy, but getting everything out onto paper can help you overcome writer's block. Having all of these words laid before you helps when you feel stuck because there are no gaps for the imagination to jump into! This allows changes to come about more easily.

7: Write something, write anything!

The cure for writer’s block is as simple and straightforward: write!

Set a timer for 10 minutes and write anything at all.

Just write – test those writing skills and make that messy first draft. All you need to do to get your creative process alive and working again is to spend time writing. It doesn't have to follow your writing routine or your regular writing process. In fact, you can write a random blog post. You can even just write down bullet points of all things that you love for inspiration. It's time to turn that blank page into a mash of new ideas.

This is a hard one because how can you write anything when your mind feels blank and empty? Well by writing something, anything! That's right – WRITE SOMETHING EVEN IF IT'S NOT PERFECT YET.

The easiest way out of any tough situation is how you get in from the start.

Don't be afraid to really dig deep into your creative side while making your rough draft. Believe me when I say that other writers have gone and done this too! So dive in with your head first and forget all the fear. Listen to your heart and brain, grab that pen with both hands, shut out all doubt for just one minute and focus all your energy on your writing.

If you have to write something, write it with passion like how an artist makes music. But if you can't, then write about anything. Simply write to get your creative juices flowing again.

When you're feeling stuck with no progress on paper at all. Just write something without worrying too much about making it perfect or even coherent. You can get rid of your anxiety by giving in and letting it come out.

Writers block can be a pesky obstacle to overcome, but it also has its advantages. We might find ourselves in “writer's trap” mode where all of your words seem ineffective. So maybe just putting pen on paper will do the trick!

This might not seem like much but taking the first step to writing something will make everything easier. So use this tip whenever possible until work starts coming together nicely once again. Your mind will thank you for it!

It's not about what comes next only because every author has their own way of going through ideas- so take some time out for yourself while doing something else that makes sense such as reading books related to your topic (if possible) which helps inspire creativity naturally.

The way that you should approach writing is by letting inspiration guide your words; then, once they come up with something interesting or exciting, worry about how it fits together later.

8. Get some help

So my last tip is to talk with someone who knows more about the topic that you're struggling with. Doing so can provide great insight and inspiration when it comes to overcoming writer’s block. You can use your friends and family or someone in the field you're writing about. Online communities are also good options!

It's okay if you don't know how to do something. Ask for help from someone who does have the necessary knowledge about your topic. People who are good at giving input without holding back will help you overcome writer's block.

It might not seem possible at first but once everything comes together- even if that means writers have to go through some rough patches along the way- this tip will help you out tremendously and teach you how to overcome writer’s block once and for all!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Writer's block can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn't have to be. If you're feeling stuck on what to write next or how to move forward with your story, try one of my 8 tricks for overcoming writer's block, see if they work for you!

Remember, the choice is yours. You don't need me telling you which method will work best for getting over this hurdle in your creative journey

When you find yourself struggling with your writing, there's always a solution. Why not try our team of professional writers and experts here at BestsellingBook.com?

Happy writing guys, until next time!

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