…Even if You Don’t Have the Time or Skills to Write It Yourself.









Grow your brand, your business, and your client base with a bestselling book

As a bestselling author, you will get people to stop and take notice of you. Your existing clients will be impressed and want to give you more business.

New clients will come flocking to your door. But it’s not that simple.

Sure, you have great ideas. But having the time and skills to put pen to paper isn’t easy. 

It’s not you.

The truth is, writing a book that can become a bestseller is almost impossible by yourself.

Our Done-For-You publishing service can help you get started

With the Done-For-You package, we guarantee bestselling status for every book.

We’ve worked with tons of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and professionals just like you to bring true stories to the page. 

We help with everything, from editing to marketing, giving you all the tools you need to publish a great non-fiction book that drives business growth and gets real results.

How Done-For-You works

The way we work is pretty simple: 

You are the author, the visionary, the person with the ideas. 

We are the ones who take your vision and ideas and bring them to life – in your own voice.

The author and writer of a book don’t have to be the same person.

It’s still your book — just with a little assistance getting to the finish line.

The origin of a great idea

Lots of people we’ve worked with have said “I’m not a writer” or “I don’t know how I’d ever get this published.”

And now?

All those people are bestselling authors. 

We believe that great ideas come from many places, and just because you’re not a pro writer or you don’t have time to go through the entire process shouldn’t stop you from creating greatness in the form of a book. 

In fact, many of the world’s bestselling books have different authors and writers.

Some of these illustrious ones include Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson, and even The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.

Getting help writing your book doesn’t mean you’re not its author

We take all the great ideas you already have and help tell your story. 

We bring your idea to life through words.

And we do more than that, too:

We interpret your ideas and find the perfect words to express them in the right way. 

We essentially do the heavy lifting while you get to focus on the big picture.

Your ideas can become a bestselling book in just 180 days

Our Done-For-You package is the best way to turn your ideas into a bestseller. 

It ensures everything is done for you, so you don’t have to spend months of your time struggling to write your dream bestseller to no avail. 

We take care of not only the writing but the editing, formatting, design, publishing and marketing — which gives you a huge advantage over all the other “self-publishers” out there.

We are angels, not ghosts

We are so much more than the ghostwriters that other companies offer.

We take things further at 

A basic ghostwriter is there to do a task (that is, to write) and therefore doesn’t take the time to actually get to know you.

We’re different.

We have angel writers who are 100% committed to understanding your story and ideas in order to craft YOUR book. 

We care about bringing your words and your story to life in the best possible way.

And remember, all the credit still goes to you

Think of yourself as an architect.

The architect designs a building, but they don’t physically hammer in the nails themselves. 

The same is true for your book.

You design the idea.

We build it. 

You, the architect, maintain the creative ownership of the project.

We do the physical.

You get the credit.

Take advantage of our Done-For-You writing and publishing package to get:

A guaranteed bestseller, giving your book the status and recognition needed to drive business like never before

Toward that goal, the package includes:

Your own dedicated premium angel writer, who will work with you to craft your book based on your ideas, vision, and core values
Full book editing and formatting, ensuring all aspects of your book are perfect for publishing
Cover and paperback design to give your book a premium look that will draw people in
Amazon publishing, with you retaining 100% of the rights and royalties

And so many more perks along the way in your publishing journey

The 3 P’s of the Done-For-Your Process


  1. Finalizing your book idea
  2. Locking in your “WHY” for writing the book
  3. Identifying your target reader
  4. Creating the hook of your book
  5. Selecting an Angel Writer who understands you and your vision for your book
  6. Drafting your book’s outline
  7. Coming up with a title and subtitle for your book
  8. Writing book content in your own voice based on the interviews with you (You get unlimited revisions also)
  9. Professional copy editing
  10. Final proofreading to ensure your manuscript is as error-free as possible prior to publishing.


  1. Cover copy, author bio, and book description by a copywriter
  2. Kindle cover design
  3. Paperback (or hardcover) cover design
  4. eBook formatting
  5. Paperback interior design
  6. Book trailer video
  7. Keyword research, competition pricing assessment, and category research
  8. Securing an ISBN number for your book
  9. Creating an Amazon KDP account
  10. Publishing and distributing the Kindle and paperback versions of your book. You retain all rights and royalties to the book. (Bonus: We’ll send 25 gift copies to your address so you can show it off immediately)


  1. Setting up your Amazon author central page
  2. Creating a Pre-Launch and Book-Launch Plan
  3. Running a 7-day book promotion
  4. Achieving your guaranteed #1 Bestseller Status
  5. Giving you your #1 bestselling author award & plaque
  6. Getting at least 15 authentic verified reviews on Amazon
  7. Obtaining a full press kit for your book
  8. Creating a full set of social media posts and graphics
  9. Doing press release distribution to get your book featured on 100+ media sites including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.
  10. Coming up with a personalized marketing plan on how to get maximum profit from your bestselling book

The Success of Our Clients Speak for Themselves

Are you ready to turn your vision into a bestselling book in just 180 days?

Set up a discovery call with us today to learn even more about our Done-For-You package and get started creating your bestseller in just 180 days.

Trust in our Money-Back Guarantee

We are 100% confident in our ability to bring the book you’ve always dreamt of to life.

But we also know it’s a big investment on your part to place your trust in us. 

As great as your bestselling book will be, we understand if you’re a little worried to take the plunge – especially if you’ve never used a book-writing service before.  

That’s why we are proud to offer a money-back guarantee on our Done-For-You publishing service.   

If your book doesn’t achieve bestselling status in at least one Amazon category, we’ll provide a FULL refund without question.

Reliable, Dedicated Service—No Strings Attached

To officially start your bestselling journey, schedule your FREE discovery call with us now.

Leave the hard work and details to us. We’ll help you become a bestselling author, with your own voice, vision, and message at the heart of your book.

More questions? We’ve got answers.

What is the difference between ghostwriting and angel writing?

A ghostwriter’s job is to take your book outline and write a manuscript based on that in 4 to 5 months.

Because the process isn’t interactive, the ghostwriter doesn’t take the time to understand their client, their message, their ideas, or their stories, and therefore the book doesn’t come out in the author’s voice. 

On the other hand, our angel writers take the time to understand.

Their goal is to retain your core message and voice in the book they help write for you.

Your angel writer will interview you in recorded sessions, and they will write the chapters based on those recordings, not just on an outline.

You can review each chapter as it’s finished and you may always ask for revisions.

How do you help me find my perfect angel writer? 

First, we ask you to fill out a book information form that tells us a bit about your book idea, your vision, your expectations, and anything else we’d need to know. 

We share your form with all the angel writers in our circle of influence.

Currently, we have close to a thousand angel writers working with us.

Within a week, we get more than 25 responses from angel writers excited to work with you on your book.

To make it easy for you, we shortlist the 3-4 best angel writers among them and share their profiles, writing samples, and proposals with you for your review. 

You can get on a call with them before you choose your perfect angel writer.

How does angel writing works?

Angel writing works in 6 steps: 

Book Idea Consultation: This is your first call with us, where we discuss the foundation of your book – your purpose for writing it, who your target reader is, and how your book will help both the reader and your business. 

Topic Selection: We narrow down your book topic to help you position yourself as an expert. We then do a brainstorming exercise with you to arrive at all the ideas and concepts that you’d like to cover in your book. 

Outline Creation: We choose a framework for your book that best suits the message you’d like to convey. We then insert the content ideas into this framework to arrive at a structured outline. 

Interview: You may have 3-5 calls with the angel writer for each chapter, where you will be asked questions based on your outline. He/she will interview you from the reader’s point of view to ensure that the best information comes out. 

Book Writing: All your interview sessions get recorded, and the angel writer writes the chapters on the basis of the audio recordings. This leads to the first draft of your book. 

Revisions: You go through the book chapters and ask for revisions. Then the angel writer will work on the revisions and get the final book manuscript ready. The angel writer will ensure that your core message and voice is retained in your book.

And yes, we offer unlimited revisions. Our angel writers will work on your book until you’re completely happy with it.

I don't want to pay the fees for your service but I'd be happy to work with you if you could take royalties from my book once it's published. Do you do that? 

Unfortunately no, we don’t work on royalty payments, and here’s why. 

We’re not like a traditional publisher where all they have to do is publish your book. We’re a service provider. 

In the case of traditional publishing, you do all the book writing, editing, formatting, cover design, and marketing yourself. 

But with our Done-For-You (DFY) service, we will do the book writing for you as well as a dozen other services. That’s why we can’t work for royalty payments.

How much money will I make from my book? 

We can’t guarantee how much money your books will make.

We can only guarantee a bestseller ranking.

Most clients who work with us are able to build their personal brand and authority in their industry after their book is published, which helps them get more clients and, therefore, make more money.

You can also use your bestselling book to get more clients, speaking engagements, and publicity, which can also help you make money.

So, you will make money; we just can’t guarantee the exact amount.

What number of sales do you guarantee with my book? How many number of sales do you guarantee on my book? 

We don’t guarantee number of sales because it depends on the category you’re publishing the book under.

If that category doesn’t have a big audience on Amazon, then it won’t have as much sales potential as a big audience does.

So, there is no one amount we can assure you with.

What we do guarantee is that your book will have number one best-seller status in 180 days.

How many sales does it take to make my book a bestseller? 

It depends.

We do research and find out how many top-selling books are getting at the time your book is published.

And then we try to get more sales than those top-selling books. It’s a competitive process that changes.

How many reviews will you get on my book?

We will get you 15+ reviews on your book in the launch period.

Do you offer a refund if I'm not satisfied?

No. We don’t offer a refund. What we do offer is unlimited revisions so you are completely happy with your book. We also guarantee number one best-seller status in 180 days.

I don't need all the services you offer. Can I get a customized offer with selected services? 

Yes, of course. Just schedule a call with us and we’ll create an offer that will best suit your needs.

What is the pricing of your service? 

We need to understand exactly what you’re looking for before we can give you a proper quote. Please schedule a call with us to help us understand your book idea and we’ll determine the most appropriate plan with the price.

How fast can you deliver my book?

Some of it depends on your availability for interviews, but usually, we can deliver all the services in just six months (180 days).

Can you send me the paperback version of my book? 

Of course. Once we publish your book, we’ll send you 25 gift copies automatically. And you will be able to order as many other copies as you want at the production cost.

Who owns the rights of my book? 

With, you retain all rights and ownership of your book PLUS you keep 100% of your royalties.

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