7 Strategies to Get Media Attention For Your Book

It's time for you to kick it up a notch and make your book stand out from the thousands of others out there and read the following strategies to get media attention for your book!

Media Attention For Your Book

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An author's book marketing strategy can work in various ways, but none as effectively as being interviewed on TV, getting featured in magazines and newspapers, or getting a book deal (or more!) with an online publisher.

Writing a book is the easy part. Getting people to read it is where that additional hard, long slog comes in. We have been relying on technology to do most of our jobs for us, and taking a step into the digital world isn't a bad thing if you're an author.

1. Make an author website

Media Attention For Your Book

The easiest and most effective way to start your book marketing publicity is to create an author website where all of your information and releases are listed.

A good, well-designed author website is vital for your book publicity efforts. An excellent author website can act as a fast, multi-promotional device. Not only will it help you to sell more books and increase your readership, but it will also help you raise your media profile for interviews, speaking engagements, and general brand-building activities.

You can also create a space to mention authentic book reviews posted by readers about your books.

Think of your website as an all-in-one for your target audience to know more about you and your books. You can also create a book trailer that appears on your homepage to help you promote your releases and even your upcoming book launch events.

It will also be best to link business contact info such as email and social media links so that your followers receive updates with your public appearances.

2. Engage with your target audience

Media Attention For Your Book

An effective way to get book publicity is to engage with your target audience and new readers. This is a great strategy, significantly when an unknown self-published author promotes your first book.

As an author, your know your audience is your critique. They can make comments from your book plot to your book cover, so you need to listen to their feedback to make any changes with your future releases.

Engaging with your audience helps you understand what they want from you as an author.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction books, you will also need to envision your work before finishing it. See if any of the improvements for your books are made from connecting with your audience to promote your book better.

In return, you will receive genuine book reviews that can help you get ideas for your next book. More people nowadays are very particular with plots and visuals of books, so look out for suggestions from your target market.

3. Social media marketing

Media Attention For Your Book

To begin with, authors should create a social media profile for their book. You can do this through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Authors then need to set up an account and start posting the book on relevant media.

No matter which social media platform you choose, you should post consistently so that your target audience will see the posts in chronological order. For example, you don't need to create a new Facebook page every time you release a new book.

Ensure that you mention promotional content to gain media coverage for every post.

Be active on social media sites when you promote your book. Authors should also use hashtags when posting about their books on social media so that potential readers can notice your book's visibility.

Social media marketing has become popular because many of today's author's target audiences rely on the internet when new books are out. Think of it as a faster outlet for your book marketing plan: you can talk about your book, you can provide enough media coverage through sponsors, and you create content for your book publicity.

4. Email marketing

Media Attention For Your Book

Maybe you find it boring, perhaps you find it cumbersome—but ultimately, email marketing is an essential component of successful book publicity. Email marketing allows you to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time to promote your book effectively.

Authors can promote their books through email marketing campaigns. This is a great way to reach many people who may not follow social media platforms.

It would be best if you tailored email campaigns to the interests and demographics of the target audience.

A great example is forming a subscription service through your author website where you can send out monthly newsletters to your clients. When you create a subscription service by clicking a link on your website or promoting it on social media, you gain more readers quickly.

You can reach out personally to media outlets that might be interested in your work and send updates and promotions to people who have already purchased your book. This allows you to check with readers who have read your work to thank them and ask for feedback.

Don't also forget to add your social media accounts on your email signature so that readers can get up-to-date with your upcoming releases and more books you've written!

5. Connect with mainstream media

Getting noticed by the mainstream media isn't always easy. It takes strategic planning, pinpoints targeting, and PR skills you may not have yet mastered.

Organize a book event such as a book launch, book tours, or even have an online event schedule through social media where you can meet and greet your readers because you'll never know you might get the attention of media spokespersons!

It's essential to connect with people who can get your book out there: journalists, a news person, or even other authors. They can help you with your book publicity and even become a well-known author!

The whole process may take a while, so remember to be smart about how you make connections. Reach out to them through social media and network with them if possible, significantly if they can help you reach that public status.

Watch out for book reviews by readers and press releases made by the connections with those who work in the media to gain more readers. When you have enough media coverage for your book, you can see book sales increase faster!

6. Paid advertisements

Successful book marketing campaigns require more than just a compelling blurb, a few pretty pictures, and some appealing copy.

Authors can promote their books through paid advertising on online classified websites and search engine optimization (SEO) for better visibility in Google search results.

Curated ads have become a popular tool in book marketing because your target market will get interested in your work through the plot.

Find a cheap platform for your ads—Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are usually good choices for social media. Then create an ad for your book cover, such as a book trailer, and link it to Amazon or another site where readers can buy your book easily.

Once the ad is created and running, keep track of how many people see it—you can do this with analytics software or by checking in manually every day. Then adjust accordingly and keep doing what works!

7. Publicists

Even the best authors can have a hard time getting media attention for their new book. If you have just spent months writing a fantastic new book, why isn't anyone lining up to interview you? The answer might surprise you.

The job of a book publicist is to get your book (and you!) in front of as many people as possible. Whether that's online or in print, on talk shows, or local TV segments, a publicist is there to connect you with reporters and editors who want to share your story with their audiences.

Like other authors, you want your promotions to be successful, grab target audience attention, and possibly get into the list of bestselling books.

The job of a book publicist is to coordinate your book launch and book tours with the right media outlets.

They help you get to your audience easier and give advice on what you can do to gain readers.However, it would be best if you were realistic about managing your promotional period, especially when you are self-published and you decide most of your schedule.


Let's face it, for most authors; personal book marketing is a struggle. Most of us had to fight hard to get into print in the first place. When it comes time to promote our book and do our own marketing, many of us feel ill-equipped and unsure of how to go about it.

Media coverage is essential to the success of your new book. To reach the author's bestseller status, you need to create a marketing plan before releasing your book. Then you will manage your timeline while making sure your book is visible to the media and target audience.

So why should you have numerous strategies to gain publicity for your book as an author?

Simply because each strategy has its unique strengths and weaknesses, if you're able to utilize all of them appropriately you won't need to worry about being left in the dust by a competitor that does.

And whether you're brand new to the world of publishing or are looking for ways to innovate on top of your current strategies, these seven strategies will offer some valuable insights into how to get media attention for your book.

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