Long-Term Success as an Author

Writing is a personal thing and not something you can fake or dial-in. If you want to finish writing your book and become a successful professional writer, you'll fail many times before you get there.

One day you're on top of the world, and the next, you're scrambling to keep your head above water. It can be tough to maintain a level of success over the long term, but with the right approach, it's achievable.

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How can you stay on top of your game over the long haul?

Whether you're a blogger, a book author, an editor, or an aspiring writer, you'd want your writings to be understood and recognized. It's not really about the recognition but how much your report can deliver your intended message and how it really can influence other people.

Luckily, we've got some tips and tricks that will set you on the right path towards success as a full-time or part-time author.

1) Find Your Motivation.

Success as an Author

A common feat for authors is finding a balance between prolonged success and enjoying themselves while pursuing this goal. The answer lies in understanding what will make you happy on different levels.

What motivates you to write is different for every individual author. Some authors are inspired by influencing their audience or spreading awareness of specific issues. Other authors are encouraged by how sharing their work with others makes them feel.

It's normal to get writer's block; even the most successful writers go through it.

Yes, writing is an art, a craft, and a job. But it can also be much more and mean much more to the world if you only start expanding your mind. While writing your first draft, you need to turn off your internal editor. Write words as they come to you, and don't worry about things like whether you need a semicolon or em dash at this point.

That's the drive of many writers—going through struggles can help inspire all the things any author can write. It's a way to release self-doubt on any work you do, and the most difficult ones you may have put through could be your best book!

2) Set Aside Time To Write And Stick To It!

Success as an Author

It goes without saying that if you want to be a successful author, you need to find time to write.

It's a good idea to set aside a certain amount of time for writing on a daily/weekly basis. It will help you get in the habit of writing regardless of how busy you might be.

Writing a book can take months or even years if you don't have a plan and money to keep the lights on. To avoid this problem, I recommend trying different types of writing, including technical writing and copywriting.

You could also try working as a freelance writer. Although these writing jobs won't help you write a book directly, they will pay the bills while keeping your foot in the door of the creative work.

3) Find A Support System

Writing is often a lonely process, but there's no reason why you shouldn't reach out and try to find other authors who are further along on their paths than you currently are.

Find people at the same point in their career as you and meet up regularly to discuss each other's work and give feedback. Cultivating a community of peers can be invaluable, especially when you're trying to complete an ambitious project like a novel for the first time. 

The key to becoming a successful writer is to bond with the people you have spent hours working with as if it were a day job.

But it doesn't have to be just successful authors you will need as support. If you have a cover designer, professional editor, traditional publishers, or other creatives, you can spend time with them to talk about your vision for your books.

Building relationships is meaningful because it helps individuals find motivation and builds a support system through peers who share similar dreams and interests.

4) Treat Your Writing Career As A Business

When your career starts to thrive over time, you can expect a busy schedule ahead. This is the case of any successful writer, especially when you get to take on any projects for your work.

You don't necessarily need to treat your career as a full-time job. If you want to succeed over time, you need to treat it like a business. That means having a schedule for how and when things get done. It also means coming up with ways to make some money from the work you're putting out there.

There are many ways you can establish business with your career, such as self-publishing and social media utilization.

Most authors have their publishing contracts with other publishers, also known as traditional publishing. Thanks to many advancements made in the publishing industry over time, becoming a self-published author became more accessible than before.

If your writing is something that people pay attention to, finding ways to reach your audience should also be part of your strategy. It would help if you looked at how your writing career impacts your daily decisions.

5) Find What Works For You And Run With It!

success as an author

You may find advice, tips, and tricks scattered throughout the internet about being a successful writer. While it's good to pick up all of these nuggets of wisdom, remember that you have to do what works for you at the end of the day.

You want this to be fun and exciting, which means that if you're treating it like something you have to get done, you're not going to enjoy it. Along with this, you should always be open to new ideas and perspectives to become a better writer.

Even the most seasoned writer has moments when they are lost for words.

The important thing is that you stay motivated by picking up one piece after another until, eventually, everything starts clicking into place. Who knows, your experience could even inspire aspiring authors that follow your journey.

Things can make it hard to figure out what direction your story should take next, especially with so many new tricks and tips on how best to tell tales out there!

6) Build A Network

success as an author

Networking is a big part of how people get ahead in any field – and being an author is no different. Make sure that while networking with other authors, you're careful not to burn bridges by being critical or harsh while discussing others' books or work. You never know when you'll need someone else's help down the line!

Networking can come from developing relationships with other authors, particularly those who've successfully reached that goal. When you connect with many authors, you could even get other connections who could help you promote yourself!

A writer's online presence attracts traditional publishers and publishing houses looking for new voices.

It can also consist of “networking” online by participating in communities intended for readers or writers groups that create content related to your craft. Better yet, you could also build an author website where you can self-publish some tidbits of your work, connect with readers, or even do a free book giveaway!

While networking with your industry and in the writing community, don't forget how important it is not to burn bridges by being critical or harsh when discussing other authors' books.

7) Take Time Off for More Important Things

success as an author

One of the biggest problems that many authors face is viewing time off. There are times when you can feel your work isn't as good as you'd hope it to be. It can lead to writer's block or even loss of inspiration.

If you want pure enjoyment as a successful writer, you need to prioritize time off. On the other hand, how much of a priority is taking time off for more important things?

You become a better writer if you're able to focus on the most critical parts of your hard work.

Sure, it might seem like a good idea to write as much as you can as quickly, but you get to write even better if your mind isn't distracted or strained.

It would help if you were disciplined enough to keep writing even when things are tough, and you have to look at how your schedule treats how and when you enjoy success.

8) Don't Measure Success By Your Earnings Alone

success as an author

It's human nature to measure success by how much money you're making. When something is good, we tend to look at how much we're getting out of it. That's how most people measure success, but that doesn't mean that you need to do this for how and when you enjoy success as an author.

Think about how your writing job has been doing lately. Sure, it's fulfilling to earn much from what you have written. But it's more fulfilling when you have learned how to value your writing time and continue to improve into a better writer.

Later on, you'll be able to grow into loving your career more not only because of the income but for how you've given much effort to your work for others to enjoy them.

It's important that how and when you enjoy success as an author measure how successful your career is, not how much money you're making.

9) Seek Writing Advice From Your Favorite Authors

Gaining advice from other authors is one way to ensure success as a writer. The key lies in learning what they say and how it can benefit you, so take advantage of this opportunity!

To start, one must strive for excellence in their craft and be willing to learn from others who have already achieved what they want—whether that means gaining advice or just listening with empathy while someone else shares their story!

Don't be afraid to reach out to other authors that have inspired you with your work.

One of your goals may be looking at what others have done and incorporating their strategies into your process. It may seem like an intimidating process at first, but there's always someone out in this world who has been where you are now.

Gain advice from them and listen carefully, because they have been where you're at now. A published author knows what it takes to their work published or keep up with your career goals in this ever-changing world of publishing!

10) Know How To Make Success Come Easy For You

Success is never easy. The more you work towards your goal, the harder it becomes to maintain a positive attitude and stay motivated in the face of setbacks or boredom.

Maintaining success requires effort on an everyday basis. There will always be new challenges that arise that could cause one's spirits (or motivation) to drop at any moment, so be prepared!

The best way to enjoy being an author is by keeping your goals in mind and ensuring that you are working hard to achieve them.

Instead, take time out from writing every day or two weeks if necessary to keep motivated without feeling overwhelmed by all tasks involved. Remember, this process will be long-term anyway, so there's no need to pressure ourselves into completing everything at once right away (or ever)!

This includes whether or not there's a book deal on offer, how many copies they sell, and more, which isn't relevant when looking into promoting yourself more positively within publishing circles!

11) Don't Get Discouraged

In the end, remember that no author reaches success overnight. Becoming a thriving author takes time, and only you will know what it takes to become a successful writer with your evolving writing skills.

Keep plugging away at your craft, keep building relationships with others who share your passion for writing, and you'll be on the path towards lasting sensation in no time!

As an author, the path towards lasting triumph isn't always easy, and it takes time and dedication.

Whether you're an author under the bestseller list or are just one of the many writers starting out, you enjoy lasting success when you genuinely enjoy what you do.

Don't be discouraged if you aren't hitting your goals right away. If you stay motivated, work towards building a support system by finding a way to connect with peers through networking and see what works for you while having fun along the journey.

So read up more books and articles, crank up a great idea for book sales, or even dabble into self-publishing and you'll soon know how easier it gets to enjoy every milestone you get!

And that's it!

Because let's face it: being an author is hard work.

When establishing your writing career, you need to be talented, driven, and willing to sacrifice pretty much anything for your art if you want to reach success.

If you want to enjoy your time as a writer, many things can help. From improving your writing skills to marketing your book through various channels and more, there's no shortage of strategies for writers who want their books in the hands of readers now and not just later on.

Many things will help you enjoy your journey to become a successful writer.

We can offer advice on how to write a bestseller and be more successful as an author in general. One of the most important things we recommend is not hesitating when it comes to reaching out for assistance with your book project – this may include editing tips, promotion strategies, marketing recommendations, and much more!

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