Here’s How To Write a Book Without Actually Writing It

Are you tired of just being a reader? Do your ideas deserve an audience, not just simple tweets and blog posts. Start creating with this step-by-step guidebook that will help give them life! Good ones, great ones in fact! I know the feeling of not wanting to write your book.

You might be busy or lack the skills for it… but I'm here with some advice on how you can make this dream come true! Writing your book, a book of your very own is a very daunting task!

How To Write a Book

You want to write a book because you have a book idea, without actually writing your book. None of that writing and traditional publishing hassle! Well, let me tell you – It's 110% possible.

Right now, you must be thinking, “Hey man, I don’t think that’s possible, to write a book without writing it.” And, while yes, you are correct to a certain degree, the interesting title did catch your eye, didn’t it?

Don’t click away yet! This isn't a scam! We'll show you how to get your first book onto paper without doing any actual writing. You will still have to be a part of the editing process, though–it is still YOUR BOOK!

In some ways, being a writer is more like being part of an orchestra. You have to pay attention and follow the director's cues on where certain instruments should play their tune for maximum effect!

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You'll get tips on how to write your book without writing it! And we can also help by recommending all sorts of tricks and methods.

It’s possible, trust me! And, if you’re the skeptic type, we have many testimonials of people who wrote and published books without writing them or hardly writing any parts at all.

Proofreaders will make sure everything is written correctly and formatted accordingly! So let's get to it! How exactly can it be done? Well, this is what we are here for – to teach you how! Let's begin.

The easiest way to publish a book without writing it is if it's not your idea or story, but rather just the knowledge and thoughts on something else.

What do I mean by this? Well, let me give an example of how it can be done!

Let's say your dream is to become a video game developer, but you're just not very good with coding. Well, this is probably what you should do – find someone who knows how to code or has the skills necessary for coding and make them write the book on how to code, while you edit it and proofread it, then publish that book as your own!

It's as easy as all of this. But what if the idea really is yours? Well, we also have you covered there too – we can definitely make this work for you and bring your ideas to life! No matter how unique or original they may be, we can accomplish that with just a little bit of help.

First, you need to create your very own brand. The most important part of this is finding the right niche market for your book, and writing it in an interesting way – one that catches the attention of many readers. With proper editing and proofreading, we can make sure everything is written correctly and formatted accordingly.

The interesting thing about this is that the book itself isn't what matters – it's all about you and how to make your brand recognized. If people like you, they will buy anything you put out there – at least for a little while. This means that if your book becomes well-known enough, then publishing other books will be a breeze.

Once you build up fame, then publishing unique books becomes almost effortless. This can work great for you! Just make sure all of your content is well-written and edited appropriately before releasing it so that people are willing to give even more credibility to your brand.

Don’t let the idea of writing a book scare you. There are many ways to get your message out there, and they all have pros and cons! Some people may find it difficult self-promote in their work while others thrive on giving presentations about themselves every day – so do what works best for YOU!

Now then! “Here's how to write a book without actually writing it.” 

Let’s start off with something fun and simple.

1. Record your content!

The first few ways are about recording your work. A presentation of your content or your vlogs or audio recordings, so and so. You can also record yourself speaking and explain the topic you're writing about in a recording. This is great if you want to write a nonfiction book because publishing an entire nonfiction book of personal essays requires a ton of self-reflection to write about yourself, right?

So write whatever you want – a book or an article – but do it with your voice!

How To Write a Book

Recording your works and words will let the one writing for you know what they need to know, because it's free from any distractions. As many bestselling authors agree: not only is recording useful in arranging thoughts; having everything written down ensures that no detail gets left out.

The secret to writing a book without actually having the time or patience for it is audio. You can type just as fast, if not faster than you speak so there's no reason why your content shouldn't be both professional sounding and unique!

You'll be able to send off your recordings and transcripts for transcription, so you can have a base of content from which your first book will follow. A piece of dedicated writing all about what you do.

In order to get your work done, it might be a good idea for you to record yourself talking about the project. You'll never have writer's block when all of those ideas are already out there and recorded! All they have to do is find a writing space, find a time to write, and start writing!

Once you send that out to someone else, a professional writer or whatnot, to have written it down as a manuscript – which, by the way, don't forget to set a deadline for that.

It's your first book, so you'll need to be dedicated to a schedule. Have them finish writing your first draft within a set time frame.

If you want to have a great first experience with your book, it's important that both of us are on the same page. By setting weekly goals and helping each other stay organized we can avoid any mishaps or mistakes when writing together!

Once you have finished it, there you have the first draft of your very first book.

The best way to get a manuscript edited and proofread is by hiring an editor or two. You'll have them go over every detail of your work, making sure it's perfect before shipping off the final copy for publication!

With all this time invested in writing quality content (and sometimes even just editing), I've never seen anyone refuse their services because they’re too busy

A tip I'd give you here is to see what's popping on the internet in the genre of your book.

To write a book with minimal writing, you have to look at what's already out there in the market and write something similar. So that people say, “Yes! This is exactly what I've been looking for!” You're revolutionizing your niche and putting yourself out there as an expert.

If you write a book like this, then people will see you as an authority in your niche and trust you more!

You write with a passion for the content you write about. For example, I write travel articles because I enjoy traveling. It’s simple that way.

Inspiration is the air we breathe, inspiration that drives us to create and publish our books. You don't have to be an author, writer or even a human being! You can write based on inspiration derived from things you love. All that matters is finding your voice and doing what inspires you with content- anything goes really as long it's about something close enough for me (y'all).

Once your editor and proofreader have cleared your book, all you need to do now is publish it. There are a few different routes you can take, like creating an eBook with your content and publishing it on Amazon Kindle, or self-publishing and selling physical copies all over the world.

To write a book without writing, you need to write your piece of dedicated writing digitally!  For example, write out the audio version or write out the transcript itself – have it written out in a word document. However, you write best.  Next, write out the content of your ebook and copy/paste that into the book template on Kindle. You can do this same thing to create an eBook using audio recordings!

Try formatting it as something visual, like a picture-based eBook, to write your book. Like a little digital comic – for this, you'll need a graphics artist as well!

Once you're done with the publishing, guess what? Voila! You have now become an author. 

2. Ghostwriter (spooky!)

How To Write a Book

The next way to create your book without actually writing it is to hire what is called a “Ghostwriter,” and give them the details. Leave the instructions to what to do, where to do them, with your message or your lesson and the main content.

This is your first book, so you should put great care into it. Make sure to communicate your ideas to them clearly, so they’ll be able to properly convey your ideas on the pages. They'll handle everything in the writing sessions.

Companies like can help you with that! They can also help you do all the writing and publishing. Their services are really neat.

Ghostwriters will write for you, while you write from your perspective.

When you write through a ghostwriter they'll write out everything just how they heard it being said!

If you do not have the time to edit, then this is a great alternative for you.

3. Utilize already-existing content from experts!

One of the best ways to write a book without writing at all is by using what's already out there in your niche and focusing on repurposing that content so it can get your point across to your target audience.

This is the best way to write a book without writing it because you're not writing anything new that's going into the world. You’re just putting something that already exists in a fresh, new package!

This is one of the best ways to write a book without writing because other experts are spending hours creating their content by researching and compiling it. Why should you have to do all that work again?

You can find a lot of information by searching for keywords in your niche.  

For example, if you want to write a book about cooking fish, search for “how to cook a fish” and look through the results until you see an article that is long enough. Then click on the article and read all the way through it.  The article that you've chosen to republish should be full of great information and data, but not too wordy or hard to understand. This is the type of article you want in your book!

Once you find the perfect piece, you will need to rewrite it so that it sounds like your writing – not theirs.  You want to rewrite it so that your readers can see your writing style in the article, but you still need to alter it enough for it not to be seen as plagiarism. If you have a friend who is a great writer, ask them to help you write your book.

If you cannot find any articles in your niche that are long enough and informative enough, try looking for infographics! It takes a lot of time and resources to create an infographic from scratch, so they might as well be worth something.

This is also a great way to write your book without writing because infographics are beautiful! They contain the perfect amount of information for an eBook.

Just take any infographic that’s related to what you want to talk about and turn it into another format! Make sure you always include the original author in your book. Give them credit for their work!

4. Hire some writers and editors.

This is quite similar to the second way. The idea is to hire an editor and have them look over all your recorded content, compile it into one big outline – a methodical organized plan for the work you do.

With this method, all your content – presentations, small written works, videos, or daily vlogs – will be looked through by the editor. Of course, communication is key here. You have to tell the editor exactly what you want. Ultimately, the outcome of your book will still depend on you. You have to hire the editor!

Here's one of the best ways to write a book without actually doing any work. An editor will put together your chapters and organize them into something that looks professional-looking, but you're not required for these tasks!

5. Create an outline first – don't worry about the word count!

write a book without writing

If you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll have everything organized and planned before you even begin writing – creating an outline is your best bet!  An outline can be as long or as short as you need it to be.

Use an outline to make your book a reality without doing all of the actual writing. You can see from beginning to end, and then jump into making it with a writer or editor!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed you can work on all chapters at once and make sure nothing goes unattended.

You won’t have to worry about creating a first draft when there are other parts in need for improvement; instead, just focus equal effort into every chapter so that everything gets done before publishing day!

6. Use a small idea as a supplement.

write a book without writing

You can use one of your smaller ideas as a supplement for another book that is already out! It's quite easy and will give you more material.

If your book covers a larger idea, like the existence of God for example then you can add in smaller ideas and make it longer! Your readers will find that these additions give them more context as well.

For example: If your book is about how to stop smoking cigarettes, and there’s an entire section in the middle of those pages where it says “how do I quit marijuana?” or “What should someone who wants out but can't seem get through with this, then you could add that too!

If you already have enough information for each section of the chapter, then you should definitely include it! Just make sure that it isn’t some sort of random fact or idea that doesn’t fit with the book in general.

Instead, try to add something with a little more meaning, so it can help tie the chapter together and give your readers one extra reason to stay interested! 7. Make a series of short videos instead.

Next time you are considering writing an eBook, consider switching it up and making a series of short videos instead. Videos will take more time than an infographic or small book would be but they might help get your completed!

Just like with writing, let’s go through each step together:

First thing’s first: make sure you have enough videos to work with. You don’t want to have to record multiple videos for one section of your book!

It's time to give your content a makeover! Once you have enough articles, bring in an editor to organize each part into something that makes sense and is easy for readers.

Now that all of your videos are organized, compile them into what will be the first part of your book.

Break this first part into smaller parts, and record new videos for each section!

This way, you won’t have to stress about coming up with an idea from scratch.

You can use a small idea to add to another book in order to help it grow in popularity and sales by adding more content.

With the right amount of creativity, you can share your knowledge or information in a way that is easier for readers. They have read other books so they feel more at ease following what's being said!

7. Use preexisting resources to help write your book.

The last way to write a book without really writing it is to use only preexisting resources that are already out there.

This means that you would find other books, articles, or even blog posts that you can use as your source materials for the new book you want to create.

You can use anything that you find online or offline – all you have to do is edit it into something new!

This means that your book will be different, but there are still some benefits to using preexisting resources. Your book won’t take as long to make because you aren’t coming up with something completely new.

The perfect source materials are out there, just waiting to be combined in a new work of art that will not be mistaken for any other piece on the market!

8. Split up your book into smaller chunks.

The last way to write a book without actually writing it is to break up all of your content into small chunks that are easier to write.

This might be a challenge because you’d have to make multiple outlines – one for each section in your book!

After finishing an outline, all you have to do is sit down and write out the small chunks of information into chapters that will eventually become part of a larger book! For this part, you can hire a writer to write it all out for you. As they now have their content thanks to your outlined chunks for information, writing will be much easier for them.

There you have it – the tips and tricks to writing a book.

Those are some of the methods of writing a book without actually doing it! Of course, there's always another way to do so – less known ones.

  1. Going out to your friends and having them be co-authors with you and help you write your book.
  2. Finding a community and then compile their stories into one book.
  3. Host writing sessions with friends.

The creative ways of writing a book without actually writing it are truly endless. Publishing your own book is an amazing way to share the stories that are in you. Whether or not writing a novel has been on your bucket list, now might be just what you need!

Publishing your own book is like showing the world that you are an author. You'll be able to reach new audiences who will appreciate what we do, show off our work in this community and generally just give everyone some awesome vibes! All of this is achievable without writing a single page. You can even have fun with it!

If you decide that publishing a book is the best option for yourself, there are plenty of options available. Sure it won't take much effort on your part in exchange for great benefits and rewards!

The book you're reading might have been made with the process of one or more methods described above. So you're in coffee house, feeling lost within your story. Don't forget there are many ways for authors to create!

I get it. You're busy and don't have the time to write that book yourself? Who has that kind of luxury, right? Luckily, there are plenty of ways for you to find someone who will do all the work so just buy their books.

I highly recommend these tips for people who are looking to create books without taking time away from their busy schedule. It all worked out wonderfully in the end, I’ll say. And I’m sure it will for you too!

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