From Tragedy to Triumph — How a Daughter’s Terrible Accident Catapults Her Mom’s Inspirational Speaking Career

Client: Meridith Alexander

Book: The Sky is the Limit

Genre: Inspirational / Motivational

Takeaway: Even human interest stories can become bestsellers

Meridith had a normal life until her beloved daughter, Schuyler, became the victim of a tragic accident. Fortunately, Schuyler survived, and Meridith used her experience as a loving mom caring for her recovering daughter to inspire thousands of people all over the world.

When Meridith approached us, she had no clue if her and her daughter’s story was interesting enough to be book-worthy. After all, it’s not like they had new, groundbreaking knowledge to impart to the world. But what Meridith didn’t realize was that any emotional story, told in an artful way, can move hearts and become bestsellers.

Our angel writer worked meticulously with Meridith to truly understand the inspirational messages she wanted to convey. Then after 6 months, The Sky is the Limit hit the shelves. 

And soon thereafter, it became Amazon’s #1 bestseller.

Ever since then, Meridith’s career as an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and mindset coach blossomed. She’s appeared in countless podcasts

Too many podcasts to count, really. Here are just a handful more that will fit in a screen...

And she’s become a highly sought-after inspirational speaker.

Which is no surprise, considering the massive impact her book and message have had on countless lives. These testimonials from Meridith’s own clients are shining examples:

The media can’t get enough of Meridith either. Look where she’s been featured:

And she’s become so popular that she’s even met entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon!

Hear what she has to say about

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