Doctor Uses Bestselling Book to Spread Awareness About His Ingenious Product for Diabetics

Client: Dr. John F. Burd

Book: The Natural Solution to the Diabetes Epidemic

Genre: Health

Takeaway: Bestsellers don’t require any experience in book writing, publishing, and marketing

John made a groundbreaking discovery in diabetes research — Lysulin, a natural alternative to insulin! Now all he needed was to get the word out.

When John contacted us, he had no clue where to begin. The process of book writing, publishing, and marketing was just so unfamiliar and intimidating. Fortunately, that’s our expertise, and we got The Natural Solution to the Diabetes Epidemic written and published in 6 months. 

It became the #1 hot new release in Amazon’s Diabetes category…

And eventually the #1 bestseller in that category.

In large part because of his bestseller, John has appeared on numerous podcasts

And not to mention a bunch of shows…

John’s the CEO of a new company, Lysulin, which has experienced such stellar success. It’s no surprise why he never thought about returning to his previous $40-billion-dollar company.

Check out what Dr. John has to say about 

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