Woman Entrepreneur Proves That Building a Brand Is Still Possible Even Without a Huge Following

Client: Chrissa McFarlane

Book: Future Women

Genre: Business and Finance

Takeaway: A bestseller can help you build your brand and following at the same time

Chrissa knew that writing a book to inspire minority women working in a male-dominated industry would help grow her business. When she approached BestsellingBook.com, her book idea wasn’t fully clear, and she expressed concern that she barely had enough of a social media following to get the word out about a book if she ever authored one. 

Well, she did, and we helped her through all her concerns. In the course of 6 months, we wrote, published, and marketed Future Women. Our marketing team hit the ground running. In just one day, nearly 120 books were sold.

And look how fast her book sales rank spiked on Amazon over the course of just a few days:

Future Women became the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Digital Currencies category.

And eventually, also the #1 bestseller in Amazon’s Industrial Marketing and Online Trading categories.

It even hit the #1 bestseller spot in the Health Insurance category, beating out the likes of self-help guru Napoleon Hill and finance giant Suze Orman!

Needless to say, all this success helped Chrissa’s business grow exponentially. Here is just a small sample of the podcasts she’s guested in:

Chrissa also landed several speaking gigs....

And has been featured in a number of shows...

And articles...

Including one in Forbes!

And to top it off, Chrissa’s also met former U.S. President George Bush!

Here’s what she has to say about BestsellingBook.com: 

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