5-Year-Long Dream of Becoming a Bestselling Author Finally Comes True for This Coach

Client: Nicole F. Smith

Book: 20 Golden Leadership Nuggets

Genre: Leadership

Takeaway: A bestseller is very possible, even if you’re the busiest person in the world

Nicole already had a thriving leadership business that spanned more than a decade. The only thing missing from her successful career was the bestselling book of her dreams. But because of her super busy schedule, for five years she couldn’t make that dream come true.

Not until she found BestsellingBook.com, that is! Our angel writer interviewed Nicole and then took only 24 hours of writing time to distill five years’ worth of ideas percolating in Nicole’s head! And after our publishing and marketing team got to work, 20 Golden Leadership Nuggets was launched 2 months later. Soon thereafter, it became a #1 bestseller in Amazon’s Management & Leadership category...

And in the general Leadership category overall!

Nicole’s book even landed the #1 spot in the Total Quality Management category at some point. Eventually, Nicole wanted to change her book’s cover. We made short work of that, with great results.

Then Nicole took her bestseller and used it to expand her business even more. For one, she appeared on a bunch of podcasts...

And landed numerous speaking opportunities.

Both the podcasts and the speaking gigs led to even more clients for Nicole’s workshops and her own signature coaching program

Let’s hear what she has to say about BestsellingBook.com: 

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