Here's How I Built My Business with Zero Money

Building something out of nothing sounds like a dream come true. In fact, it is “the dream” – to be able to build a brand, to start a business with no money, to create a name for yourself in a certain industry.

build a brand, business with no money

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Many people strive to achieve this reality. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work around building that dream to this day. I’m very fortunate to have been able to build a business, from absolutely nothing. I am what you can call “founder zero” – someone who has built a company with no starting capital at all.

No cash, investment money, startup capital.

I have built something from the ground up that has allowed me to travel, do what I love, and live my life in a way that is fulfilling each day!

It’s true – anyone can build something from nothing, as long as they are willing to go through what it takes to make it happen. I, and many other business owners, will likely agree to the idea of starting small with just a business plan, a prototype business model, then disciplining oneself and mind that you need will have to act on that business idea.

The three things you need are Drive, Dedication, and Persistence.

1. Drive

build a brand, business with no money

You can’t build something from nothing unless you have the energy to do so. There has to be a drive that pushes you forward in your life toward your goals – even if those goals are far off.

There has to be a drive somewhere inside of you to make everything happen.

A drive that is so strong, and so powerful, that you are able to push yourself to the limit and accomplish everything you want.

This drive can be ignited in a variety of ways – by an inspirational quote, or someone telling you “You can do it!” Yes, yes you can do it! Take your business idea, and start a business with no money.

Take action on what drives your ambition. If it is a dream you have, then realize that it won’t happen unless you are willing to do what is necessary to make it a reality.

For example, do you think you have what it takes to start a business, even if it's a small business with no money? It will take a lot of work, and maybe you'll even need to burn through multiple business ideas or business plans. It's going to be rough, a difficult journey for sure.

While you do need drive, the next trait will surely boost your chances.

2. Dedication

build a brand, business with no money

There has to be dedication in your life – a dedication to accomplishing everything you want. There has to be a “do-or-die” attitude. You have to dedicate yourself fully to your goal if you are going to build from nothing. That means dedication to your business, to your brand, and everything else you are going after.

There needs to be a whole-hearted commitment for you to reach your goals. The only way that will ever happen is if you fully dedicate yourself to accomplishing them.

There has to be a dedication toward what you want your future self or current self to be. You have to dedicate yourself to that goal in order to reach it.

When starting a business, you'll need a good business idea or business plan to take the first step. It's a process of trial and error, and you will definitely need a lot of dedication to be able to launch your business.

3. Persistence

There is a saying I like very much: “if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again!” It applies to almost anything in life – whether it’s trying out for your school’s basketball team or launching a business.

Persistence is key to building something from nothing. If you have all of the drives in the world, and all of the dedication it takes to accomplish what you want, but are willing to give up at the first sign that something isn’t working out – then you won’t be able to build anything from nothing.

It’s a matter of staying persistent when the times get tough, or when you feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done in order for your brand to succeed. It’s a matter of persisting through whatever challenges are thrown at you and never giving up.

I have built my brand to be what it is today with zero money. I’ve been able to do that because of these three things – drive, dedication, and persistence.

If you want to build something from nothing, then you’ll have to make sure that you have all three of those values in your life. Everything else will just flow naturally after that.

When you wake up in the morning, think about your goals for your future, and commit yourself to create something from nothing.

If at first, you don’t succeed – try, try again! Persist through whatever challenges come your way, because they are there to help strengthen and make you stronger. In the end, it will all be worth it.

How did I do it?

Here are 6 tips that will help you start your own business even without any money:

1. Find what you’re good at

What do you love doing? Are you great with people? Can you build something out of nothing and make it beautiful? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Every company has an owner, but in a lot of cases, that person will hire others to handle the day-to-day stuff. It’s good to know how you fit in and what you will be doing if you decide to make your business grow.

Let the ideas flow and do your best to figure it out quickly because a business without a service or product is a business bound to fail.

2. Do a lot of leg work

Find out where the demand is. Note down everything that comes up when researching, from the smallest details to big things that people might need or want. Go around and ask people, friends, and family, and maybe even strangers, what they might be interested in, and actually taking time to listen. Think about this: What are some things that can make your life easier? You probably thought of a ton already. Now, do the same for others. This is how you know where you should start.

3. Take the leap

This one is tough but important. In business, you need to have faith that good things will come around when it’s time. You won’t be able to know everything but you must trust in yourself, and your product or service. When you find the demand as mentioned above, then do it! Make a move and make a name for yourself – this is the first step to building a business.

4. Grit your teeth

The worst part of starting a company has got to be the uncertainty – you have no idea what’s going to happen next and when. You must realize that this is part of the process, especially for small businesses that don’t have much capital. You have to have faith in your product or service, and be able to push through when it gets tough.

5. Establish the presence

This is very important for a lot of reasons. When you start something without any money, this will probably be hard. You won’t have much cash flow so you would need to find ways to do this. The first step is to have excellent content – blogs, websites, and so on. Take advantage of social media to spread the word, but remember this is not enough by itself. You need something for people to hold in their hands; a product or service that they can use every day.

6. Be proud of what you’ve done

No matter how hard it was, or what setbacks you faced, be proud that you did it! You built a business from scratch, and you should be very proud of yourself. This is the first step to making your company grow bigger – even with no money at all.

Now that you know how I built my company from scratch, go ahead and try it out yourself. You don’t need to have any money at all to get started on this adventure – just make sure that you’re doing something you love! This will ensure that your business becomes a reality.

Here’s a little short backstory.

I dropped out of university, made my dad cry. I failed in my first few attempts at running a business. My friends and family didn't approve. But I didn’t give up. And I decided to make a book, hit the list of bestselling books. I decided to take up entrepreneurship again. I created my own publishing firm. Now up to the present, I help authors, coaches, and thought leaders in publishing their magnificent work of literature.

Take note that in the beginning, I was broke and had no money to start any sort of business at all. There wasn’t any capital, no investment, and even no inspiration from the start. I guess you could say, I didn’t think of this as a miserable life, but rather, just a rough day. Let me tell you this – there was absolutely no reason for me to give up. There was no fear of failure. There was just this fear of never trying again, of never moving forward again.

I had no money, but I had a lot of time and passion.

Success and achievement are both attained through grit.

Grit, my friends, is the ability to keep on trying despite everything that’s wrong. It’s a mix of courage, perseverance, and resilience. I realized this is what separated the winners and the losers, the planners and the doers and the dreamers and achievers.

Ultimately, you try and try and have to keep trying until you no longer can. Daily habits play an important part in this scenario – because when you aren’t motivated or inspired to do the work needed to get to the goal, you can easily fall back into the habits that you do every day despite sad or lazy tendencies.

My big advice? Make sure your habits are rock solid and the good-for-you kind of habits. Make sure it’s habits that allow for growth in mind, body, and spirit. 

You can start by doing things that feel right by you, that feel productive. It can be something like eating healthier, cooking your dinner instead of ordering take-out – no shame in that, we all love some McNuggets here and there – and maybe even sleeping earlier to wake up earlier. Habits like these will ultimately make you feel better and more motivated.

Then, must-have habits come in. Research about business, how-to’s on business-related things – something you will learn from and eventually use in the future.

With all these habits equipped, and your grit to achieve your dream, there is nothing stopping you from making your own business – straight from scratch. No money, just determination. Start now!

This is my journey, and I’m not done yet. If you already made your own business, let me ask you: When was the moment where you felt proud of what you have? 

Maybe it’s after publishing your book or right before launching that new product? Or maybe it’s when someone recommended your product and you know that person is a potential client? Or maybe it’s when a customer has been a loyal client for a long time?

Let me know below! I would love to hear your story.

Here are 5 questions you ought to ask yourself before you start your own business?

1. What can you offer as a business?

Now, this might change over time, but first, you should answer this question with what you’re passionate about. For me, it was writing and I wrote for someone or I just made something to sell on the internet. Maybe drawing and digital designs are your thing (I’m not good at that!). Maybe you bake some awesome cookies, or design pretty cards – all of these are great! Be passionate about it and set up your own shop to sell them.

Find that one talent in you, think about all those things you like doing and all the things you are good at. Put your effort into those things that have always been a hobby for you, or even something you’ve been secretly passionate about.

What do you want your business to be? How will you make money from this? You could sell drawings but maybe focus on a specific style for a specific client. Maybe your cards are illustrated and designed to fit your brand? You could sell them in bulk or something, it all depends on what you want out of this business!

What is the market like? Is there competition? How can you be better than others – or even better products for that matter?

Who is my competition? Is there an over-saturated market for this kind of business? Who are the leaders in that niche?

What is my target audience, where do I find them and how will I reach them? Is it on Facebook or Twitter, blogs, or Coachella (my favorite music festival!)? You’ll be surprised to find out who your target audience is.

What do I need to get started? And how can I make my first sale (money!)? What kind of money will I be getting with this business and what are the profits that will come from it? Do you have a good number for how much you’ll be making right off the bat?

The first step to starting your own business is answering these questions. It's probably the most important thing you'll do, and it can be really hard! So why not make sure that every answer has a thoughtful plan for how this new venture will work in tandem with existing tasks on our plate already? I promise!

2. Are you ready to take the leap?

Running a business is your responsibility! You have to be accountable for it. You better wear that suit (yeah, I said it) and go out there in that real-world be it raining or snowing. Be willing to risk yourself out there because if you won’t do it for yourself, then you certainly won’t do it for your business.

There are two things I would like to put in here (aside from all the hard work and risk-taking): Be honest with yourself and others. And be kind to others because kindness is always returned.

I remember when I was starting out, people would ask me when I will be ready to launch my product. All I can say is: I’m not done yet, keep up with me! But what it really means is that your product should always be working on something.

Whether you are a programmer, a writer, or an artist – just make sure that the final product has been worked on. Don’t just sit there for months working on the same product, keep modifying it, changing things around, and make sure that you have a finished result to show people! Then you can move onto something else and repeat the process all over again.

Make sure your product is always being worked on because if you don’t do that, you’ll be stuck with a completely useless product. What good is that? Show people what you can do and make sure alpha and beta versions are out for the public to see.

The fear of failure is what keeps most people from starting their own business. But the sooner you start, the less time there will be for regret and that paralyzing sense of not wanting to take a step forward with what could potentially be an amazing opportunity! Figure out what you need to do, and how much time it will take. Then, just jump into the deep end of the pool!

3. You will be facing a lot of rejections. How will you react?

Rejection is something that’s going to happen – a lot! Some people might say no just because they aren’t interested, but there are others who will say no because they don’t think your product is good enough.

The first reaction you get when getting rejected is probably anger, and well it’s normal! You invested time, effort, money, and maybe a lot more into that project! But if you take this as an opportunity to improve – you will better your work in the long run.

The first thing I did when my ideas were rejected was to think of why they didn’t like my idea. Why did they say no to it? What didn’t work for them? And what can I do to make it better?

Rejections are hard to look at objectively because we often get too close to our own product and become emotionally invested in the outcome. But if you want those rejections that help your project, then take criticism with a grain of salt; swallow pride for just long enough so it can be useful!

I love my projects very much, so when people say no, I get really… really upset – it’s human nature! If you think businesses are bad right now with all the rejection they face— just imagine how many times these artists got rejected before they were successful! If they can do it, so can you.

When obstacles come your way – and they will – don’t give up so easily. Learn to grit your teeth through all the obstacles. Because every good thing worth fighting for is going to have obstacles – and you need to know how to handle these difficulties.

4. How will you establish yourself as a presence?

People are busy – that’s just how the world works nowadays. So if you want to be heard, you need to find a way to reach them. You have your product, right? That’s wonderful! Now, what will you do with it?

There are so many ways to market yourself! You can go online and create a blog, an account on social media sites, websites, etc. Whatever method you choose for marketing your product is up to you but make sure that it reaches as many people as possible. Make sure you have a way of reaching people – and in return, you will reach success!

Whatever product you have, whatever method of advertisement you choose to use, just make sure that it reaches as many people as possible. Do not overwhelm yourself with work though – keep things steady. If you’re overwhelmed with work, then your project is going nowhere fast.

But if you find yourself experiencing failure after failure, it’s best to give up and try something different. As a business owner, you are going to face failures – that’s just how things work out sometimes. But remember, every time you see a loss, there is always again somewhere around the corner waiting for you!

To really establish yourself as a brand, you need to get involved with others in your industry. Make friends and connections; be part of an active community that shares the same passion for what you do!

When you're involved in these communities, it will be easier to share your work because people are already aware of what you do. It also makes the process more engaging knowing that others have access as well!

5. What are your goals?

Goals will be the thing that keeps you up in the middle of the night, and they will also give you a reason to get out of bed each morning. Goals allow you to know where you’re going, what direction you should be heading towards, and how far away from your destination you actually are.

There is no point in doing what you’re doing if you don’t have a clear idea of where you want to be in 5 years—or even just 1 year! You need to have some kind of goal that acts as an anchor for your projects, and something to keep yourself moving forward.

There is no way to predict the future, but you can make educated guesses knowing what you know. Be prepared for any potential problems that you might encounter in the future and try to figure out how you can overcome them.

If your goals are very poorly defined, then it’s more likely that your projects will be nowhere near where you expected them to be. And if you don’t have a plan for what happens next, then you can just forget it altogether.

Are you ready?

Starting a business is scary. There’s so much that goes into it and you have no idea where things will lead, but once the first step has been taken-you just keep going until everything falls into place as planned! Whether it be a small business, an online business, a big business – take pride and do your best.

Achieving your dream is an amazing feat, something to feel really proud of – so don’t ever let anyone take that away from you. Always know your worth and make yourself proud because you are doing an amazing thing for yourself!

Have fun on your journey creating your own business, be creative in the things you do, and stay true to who you are through this process – I really want to hear your story!

If you ever have any questions, want to learn more about how I did it or what I do, please don’t hesitate to check out

I’m already excited to see what you can achieve, my friends, cheers!

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