Book Publicity 101: 5 Strategies for Getting More Book Publicity

The internet is a new frontier for self-publishing authors and marketeers. We all know that writing is hard work, but with a team behind you it can be rewarding. You might not get to reap the rewards right away – even if your sentences are short and sweet!- but one day they'll come around eventually as long as you keep at it. There's no question that being a self-published author changes the market plan for your book.

Book Publicity

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A promotional plan is essential to success as a self-publisher. Not only will it help you sell books, but in knowing how and when your audience wants them! Highly self-aware authors know how to self-publish a book and promote that book. You must understand the complexities of creating and promoting your book, in order to make good book sales.

The best way to sell your book is by taking full responsibility and leading on the marketing plan. What's the best way to market your book? That depends on what you want. The first step is establishing a solid marketing plan before launch-time and during it, when this project has interested readers who will give feedback about how we can improve our books' selling points – effectively tweaking them from there!

So here are 5 self-publishing marketing tactics that almost all professional self-published authors use!   

1: Online Marketing / Media Marketing

Book Publicity

The days of publishing on your lonesome being a behind-the-scenes business have long since passed. Today's self-publishers are more visible and open than ever before, having been finally given multiple platforms to be seen on. Many authors know that marketing, be it on social media or any other form of marking will help them in their book sales. And some famous platforms are free to use! So social media is an amazing way to promote your writing.



In order to keep up with your self-publishing goals, it's vital that you spread the word about your book. Another way of saying this is that you need to market yourself as an author, just like you would do if you were trying to sell a physical product online. People are always looking to buy new things, whether it's online or off. The internet has made this task a lot easier by allowing you the opportunity of finding your desired product merely by entering search terms into Google! You can't afford to be passive when it comes time for marketing your book. Social media is a powerful tool that can change the world. It's up to you, but only if your social presence gets people talking!

2: Blogs

Book Publicity

Experts agree that a blog is an effective and engaging platform for promoting your book.

With a blog, it is easy and simple to spread your word by not only promoting the ideas you create but also connecting them with other posts. This will allow for even more promotion of your new book!

A Blog Is an Easy Way To Promote Your Ideas

However, to grab a reader's attention, one must create a good quality post. And not just one! You will have to create many posts and write about things you can then connect to your book.

Collaborating with other writers can give your blog a boost, as well. You might even end up on the front page of New York Times!

Blogging about your book is one way to get people interested in it. Not only do you share what knowledge and expertise goes into the writing, but also describe any interesting characters or ideas that come up during production process! It's even better if you can find inspiration in another post or video and connect it to your book! You should go through your book and find keywords that can relate to this.

As for ideas of what to write, you could write about the process of self-publishing a book and connecting it with your readers before they buy the book. This way, they will be interested in finding out more about the book and pre-order it (for those who can) so that you don't have to wait too long for a release date. Or, if your book is already released, write posts on character descriptions or past events in history that could relate to your book's story.

Or you could write a novel that's completely unrelated to the topic of your book. Humor is a great way to make reading more enjoyable and interesting. If you want readers not only enjoy what they read but also learn something new, use humor in your writing!

No matter what you do for posts on your blog, they should be creative and informational. Remember to make them of good quality and stand out from the rest. And remember to connect them with your book in some way!

But like any type of promotion, you'll have to keep it up over time if you want it to be as successful as possible. If you can create a blog that is of great quality and has good content, enjoy yourself and write about things other than just your book, it will be easier to connect with a reader and spread your ideas. As well as keep them coming back for more!

3: Press Release

Book Publicity

There is no denying that self-pub savvy self-publishers are adept at PR. This begins with self-published book marketing 101–a press release. The best way to self-publish a book is to self-publish the book using this tool.

It's no secret that many people around the world pay close attention to what is getting media coverage. A press release for your book would be sure not only attract some attention, but also provide valuable information about it!

Once you have your press release ready, the next step is to submit it to media sources–this can be done through directories and online submission sites, etc.

What Is a Press Release?

A press release is an official notice of news or information about your self-publishing book (and/or business) that you issue to announce it.

The Theory Behind Press Releases for Self-Published Books 

A press release is supposed to “sell” your self-published book–it is essentially a form of self-publishing advertising. To get you thinking about how a press release can help sell your work, think of it this way: if you were to come to a party and have no one to talk with, you might feel out of place. But if you went to the same party and had plenty of people around who knew exactly who you were, your experience would be much more enjoyable.

The same thing goes for press releases–they attract media attention which, in turn, attracts potential readers.

Press releases can be used to gain exposure for self-published books and subsequently sell copies of your work.

The best way to get people talking about your book is by using a press release. The more coverage we give the media, the better chance of success in selling copies!

A press release is a way to generate media coverage for your organization. It's important that you're informed about what goes on with the members in journalism, so they'll be more interested and willing to cover it!

The self-publishing tool is a valuable resource for those who are looking to publish their own book. This way, you can contact journalists and make your story known by giving them the information they need know right away!

How to Write a Press Release 

The first thing you have to do to self-publish your book with the help of a press release is written one. If someone were to ask you what exactly a press release is, you might answer by saying that it's basically a media advertisement. But where most people go wrong when writing press releases for self-published books is trying to be too formal. Press releases don't have to sound stiff–in fact, they shouldn't sound that way at all in order to capture the reader's attention. The best press releases for self-publishing books will keep the tone conversational and personal.

4: Know Your Audience 

The self-publishing landscape is full of crossroads and opportunities, as self-publishers find out who their book's likely target audience is and publish a book for that market.  How do you find your target audience?

– You must be aware of what genre your book falls into. Do a little research on other self-published books in your genre to see how they're doing and what acts as their marketing hook. Where does the market for that genre and its type of people hang out online? What kind of blogs have previously had articles on that genre? What are those personas' interests online, and how can you leverage them for your book (if they're looking for what you have to offer)?

– Keywords matter – a lot – when it comes to self-published books. They help you become a found on the internet, and they land other self-published books in your genre for people who are looking.

– To find these keywords, do some research with regards to what people are searching online for your self-published book. This will give you an idea of their audience and how they're looking when it comes down having books like yours out there!

You don't need a degree in marketing to make your work stand out. All you'll really have to do is study up on the synonyms for different genres and use them when promoting or commenting on other people's blogs!

– Another good way of finding your target audience's interests online is social media. And if you're going to be marketing your self-published book with social media in mind, then who better to help than the people that are themselves actually searching for self-help material on those topics? Take a look to see what sites your target audience are sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

– Self-publishers should try to get hold of an actual copy of a book or eBook that's already selling well in their genre. Who better than someone who knows what they're talking about?

– If all else fails, try a Google search to see what people are actually searching for on the internet with regards to your self-published book's subject matter. The keywords you'll find in this fashion are more often than not more accurately placed for your audience than the ones you might guess at and add onto your blog entries or social media content.

– The best way to target your audience is by making content that they want to read. Self-publishing is a great way to get your work out into the world, but it's not an easy process. I've learned that creating helpful blog entries about self publishing and what you have discovered will help people in my prospective audience find information on this topic easily – by showcasing their knowledge with hints of advice!

This is probably a good point to say that self-published books should be marketed online, rather than traditionally. The traditional publishing industry relies heavily on reviews from other media companies, but without the commissioning or finding a favorite bookstore – which are rarer finds these days! Self-publishing relies on you, the author, to get your self-published book in front of people that are looking for it – and there's no better way of doing that than by using the internet.

5: Giveaway


As an author, you've got to strike a balance between marketing and not being annoying. It's important to let readers know about your book, but repeated spamming of the same people will turn them off. You have to think carefully about what channels are available to you. Not all authors are going to have the option of paid advertising, so there's a good chance you'll be relying on free giveaways to spread the word.

Self-published author giveaway: the bottom line

For a self-published author, giveaways can be an effective way to generate sales. But they aren't for everyone. You need to be willing and able to field questions on your book.

If you're not keen on giving out freebies, then a giveaway may not be for everyone.

The best thing about giveaways is that they can reach people who might otherwise never hear of you. It's no secret that some readers will only check out books from well-known authors. It's unfair, but it's the way things work. Giveaways are a great way to promote your book and reach people who might want it. You'll still get their contact details for a follow-up email marketing or interacting on social media. You can even win them over with your book! And there's nothing better than a personal recommendation, right?

How do you organize a giveaway of your self-published book?

Giveaways can be tricky because there are so many things to think about and organize. Everything from the prize up for grabs to the wording of Facebook ads has to be considered. It is often easy to get overwhelmed by the process.

Even if you think you can handle everything yourself, it's probably a good idea to hire someone to help. After all, there are only so many hours in the day. Don't waste time on a giveaway that could benefit both your career and sales figures. Spend it writing new books!

It's also worth remembering that giveaways aren't just about the winners. You want to find good people who will cherish your book and be positive advocates for what you do, right? You'll have a better chance at that if the contest is set up in ways beneficial towards everyone entering.

So with these 5 strategies…

Hopefully, you will be able to navigate your way to Book Publicity fame! These 5 mentioned are not for everyone, of course.

There will be some which don't fit and others that do, so remember to stay flexible.

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