5 Reasons Why You Need An Author Website
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Let’s cut to the chase: the digital world is evolving.

No matter what kind of writer you are – a novelist, a freelance writer, a non-fiction writer, a sci-fi writer, a romance writer, or even a brand new writer without a clue – you need a website. You know that you need a strong web presence to succeed as an author.

Everything you can look for is on the internet nowadays, especially for progressive marketing ideas when you want to promote your books and gain new readers.

Your site will generally give you a place to share information about your books and blog about your writing process and experiences. You can also link your social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to promote your website and book.

But those aren’t the only reasons why you should open up your own website. There are several important reasons you should consider having a site created for your writing career.

In this blog post, we will discuss why you will need a website as an author:

Reason #1: It builds your professional online presence

author website

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, poetry or music, you need an online presence to showcase your work and promote yourself. An author website is essentially your online business card. It’s your virtual resume, where anyone checking out your work can see what you offer and contact you.

Like other professionals, such as doctors, use their business cards at all times, book authors should also own up to being book authors everywhere they go. From your writing style to your writing process, an author website is your ultimate marketing tool to reach different kinds of audiences.

Readers and potential customers learn more about you when you have your website.

It’s also an excellent way for potential editors or publishers. They get to read your short pieces and boost your chances of them accepting your more significant amounts of writing, making it an effortless way for you to dabble into content marketing.

Whether you’re penning a novel or hustling freelance work, publishers and clients need to know who you are and what you offer. Later on, editors and literary agent inboxes can get flooded with queries, and they often need to learn more about you and your work.

Reason #2: A website gives potential readers or clients a way to find your book or services.

author website

One of the most amazing gifts you can give your fans is the connection to you. And that is how retention leads back to discovery. Discover the marketing wheel for authors and get busy on your own. Get this wheel spinning, and it will become self-sustaining. 

A bold marketing campaign with an author’s website included can ensure that your work gets noticed amongst thousands of other books out there. Many writers may want to connect with you through social media to share book ideas or collaborate with a book deal!

You might have an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram presence, but your website provides the authority you need to show yourself as a professional writer. In fact, you could even inspire freelance writers when you engage with them on social media.

Readers can also create an account on your website or comment on posts about your current books or a new book that’s coming.

Reason #3: Your own website markets your books effectively.

It’s no secret that having an author website is a critical part of any successful book marketing campaign. It is the perfect way to centralize all of your marketing efforts.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, the core goal of an author platform is to make sure the author reaches their target audience. Many publishers look for some author platform, especially for brand new authors, to gauge interest in what that author is writing. 

With a website, you can easily create a portfolio of your work, share blog posts about your writing process or book promotion tips, and collect email addresses from interested readers.

You can also use your website to sell books directly to readers. Your website and blog serve as evidence of your writing skills for those who show interest in your work, leading to a good, gradual increase in book sales.

Reason #4: It will improve your book’s rankings (SEO)

When people are looking for something new to read, they will be more likely to pick up a book that has been marketed well than one that appears on their favored genres list or in their searches.

They do this by typing in what they’re looking for into their favorite search engines like Google and Yahoo and even social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Author websites can help you add links in the ‘about me‘ section to your book and other essential pages throughout your site, which will help boost your ranking with search engines.

With keywords that you add to these links within your website, there is a much higher chance of someone clicking on it when it appears in searches than if you had no link at all!

Reason #5: Having your own website acts as your sales funnel

The great thing about having your own author website is that not only do you get to have complete control of the site, but you can worry less about having to promote yourself and your books on different platforms.

Because your site serves as an “all-in-one,” this gives you a chance to practice your craft and create an avenue to meet other writers, gain new readers, engage with fans, and get feedback.

Whether you’re a freelance writer or a non-fiction writer, every author always finds time to improve how they write.

Have an engaging blog on your site where people constantly come back because of its exciting content each day. Blogs keep followers interested in following all aspects of genre interests, making sure no post goes unread.

Not only does a blog help with showcasing your writing skills, but it’s also motivation to keep up with a regular writing schedule.

You get to see inspiration from all the engagements on your website and dabble more into your creativity for future releases. You also have the freedom to choose how you want your website to look or what links you want to be included, such as contact links or social media.

In conclusion, creating an author website is a great way to build your brand as an author. You can also use this site to connect with readers, sell books, and build a community of supporters.

It doesn’t just matter why you should have a website, but why you need one.

But what many people don’t realize is that having an author website is key to building your brand and connecting with your audience.

Creating an author website is one of the most innovative things to market your work. Not only will it give people a place to find out more about you and your books, but it also gives you a powerful branding tool that you can use to connect with potential readers.

Whether you’re an aspiring author or a bestseller, your website is key to getting out about what you do and who you are.

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