7 Reasons Why You Should Become an Author

Can you think of one thing that  Jamie Oliver (an accomplished cook), Paris Hilton (the socialite), Barack Obama (ex-president of United States), Warren Buffett ( Business leader) and Young House Love (Pioneer DIY bloggers) have in common?

They have all published books.

This just shows the appeal and impact books across various industry and levels of expertise.

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Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, putting forward your business philosophy or experience in a book is an excellent opening to amplify your profile.

As a matter of fact, authors who have published a book end up generating more leads, closing more deals, charging higher fees, and getting better speaking engagements.

If you are someone who is passionate about your work and proud of your achievements, writing a book is the most logical next step in your journey of success.

Are you still unresolved about whether you should write a book?

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Here are 7 reasons which will spur you to action towards becoming an author:

1. Position Yourself as the Industry Leader

In any field, the industry leaders publishing books is the norm rather than the exception - It is almost a rite of passage.

Writing a book helps you establish credibility and expertise.

You will be positioned as the person with the thoughts and ideas - one who wants to lead rather than merely follows the norms.

Researcher Mike Schultz, the principal of the Wellesley Hills Group, says that publishing a book helps his clients in establishing themselves as thought-leaders, increasing their intellectual capital, and building trust in the community.

When you publish a book your position shifts from a mere seller or service provider to that of a Resource.

This rise in the profile will help you command attention and respect not only within the industry but also outside.

Additionally, while promoting your book, you will have the opportunity to connect with various players in your industry. This would give you an unprecedented opening for networking to establish your authority over the subject.

2. Expand Your Customer Base

People love to buy but hate to be sold.

Not surprisingly, your customer is not a big fan of feeling like he is just a money purse

If you look at any product from Apple to TED talks, they have succeeded because they have established a human connection, which amplifies their product's utility for the consumer.

When you write a book, you are essentially providing a value addition that goes beyond your product/service even before the customer has brought it.

You are telling your customer, you are important enough for me that I have invested my valuable time and energy in communicating my core beliefs with you.

Your book will act as the breadcrumb that will ultimately lead the consumer to your product.

Additionally, advancement in publishing like e-books and online selling ensure that your book is accessible to a demographic far beyond your traditional consumer base.

3. Generate Future Business Ideas

Writing a book often involves extensive research and background work.

All this wealth of material in hand will put you in a position to diversify your communication strategy and venture into uncharted territories.

Your book can generate contacts, resources, credibility and consumer confidence.

Your book can become a springboard to either further your existing brand or to venture into a new area of expertise.

Look at Tim Ferriss, the author who had a bestseller on his hands with his book 4 hour workweek.

But, he did not stop with the book. Based on the premise of the first book, he wrote 2 more books - the 4 hour body and 4 hour chef. He even has podcasts and TV shows and of course, speaking engagements.

Writing a book can open up your product/service for potential diversification and expansion.

It is, in fact, the right leverage to take the resources from your blogs, podcasts or training sessions to the next level.

4. Build Your Personal Brand

What is the first thing a candidate up for election does?

You are right - He/she writes a book. The book is essentially his calling card to the public - outlining his life story, philosophy, and future plans.

Consider Barack Obama, who published his memoir, Dreams from My Father way back in 1995 when the presidency was not exactly on the horizon.

His reflections in the book about the mesh of experiences made it stand apart from the run of the mill political memoirs. It established his unique political identity, at the same time his personal struggles made him relatable to the people.

Writing a book is the ultimate long-term personal branding strategy.

When you write a book, it is like having one place where your personal brand and message are accessible.

A book will help you communicate not just the outcomes, but your struggles, triumphs, and sacrifices. It will help you clearly put forth your motivations and values to your consumers.

5. Stand Apart From Your Competition

Thanks to the rise non-traditional marketing mediums like facebook and twitter, it is harder than ever to hold the attention of the consumer.

Mere product/service promotion is no longer enough in itself to create a consistent presence in the minds of your consumer.

In fact, consumers remain loyal to the brands that provide a service/utility that goes beyond the face value of the product.

Consider the strategy of Mark Sisson of Primal Blueprint.

He has published almost a dozen books about his take on the paleo diet. He sells them on Amazon and also gives some of them free to his readers. And he also has a line of supplements - Now, many of us are skeptical about the ads for supplements.

But once the consumer has read his book about how best to utilize the supplements and is convinced, he will also develop trust on the supplements. This ultimately helps Sisson to stay miles ahead of the competition.

You can't afford to leave your competition in the shadows. Value-adding services such as guidance, inside info or how-to's will help set you apart from everyone else!

Writing a book is like chatting with the customer before he has even decided to make his purchase.

6. Create Visibility

Writing a book is the surefire way to turn the spotlight on your business.

It gives you a platform to go out and speak about your product/services while sharing your expertise.

Nutritionist Susan Weiner found that, after she published her book ‘The complete diabetes organizer’, she started receiving invitations to appear on radio shows.

Similarly, Debora McLaughlin, author of the “Renegade Leader” found that publishing her book earned her invitations speak at colleges and to act as an expert panelist at Tele summits.

In the age of media, right visibility is fundamental to grabbing and sustaining the attention of industry and customers.

You can now use your book to make a statement about the product's effectiveness and utility in front of millions.

Writing a book can create up opportunities for interactions much beyond the scope of your product. It will help you convey the values and features of your product to maximum effect.

This opening is predominantly helpful in marketing the information products, which are largely intangible.

Your book could be the best endorsement for your expertise and success of your product.

7. Become an Inspiration

In today’s ecosystem of extreme competition, everybody is fighting a hard battle. If you want to succeed in business, it's not enough just be qualified and experienced. What really matters are your attitude towards work--and how people perceive that--and where those values come from."

To build up and sustain our profiles, we are in constant search of inspirations to help us reach our goals.

You have the power to change someone's life with just one book. Your words could be that solace, guidepost or inspiration they need in their time of hardships; give them hope when all seems lost by being a hand helping people navigate failures and limitations as well providing guidance at each step along the way!

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, was so inspired by The Checklist Manifesto by Dr. Atul Gawande that he gifts it to every new employee.

The books have a transcending power to inspire people from unrelated backgrounds and situations.

Your book could end up changing lives  - not just the consumer or the industry you are writing for but of the community at large.


Your unique perspective and experience can help to create visibility and trust in your brand. What better way to communicate your value than through your own book?

Be bold and take the first step towards creating your legacy with your book.

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