Author Success Stories

We’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, entrepreneurs, and business people crystallize their ideas, write and publish their book, and market it toward becoming #1 bestsellers.

Our clients hail from a diverse array of industries, but the one thing they share in common is how they leveraged their bestsellers to boost their credibility, increase their impact, and skyrocket their business to heights they never thought possible.

Here are just a few success stories we’re truly proud to share.

How this coach achieved her 5-year-long dream of becoming a #1 bestseller in 6 months

From a sudden boost in credibility and authority to getting a flood of new clients/students, she couldn’t believe what one book did for her business.

Don’t have any experience in book writing, publishing, or marketing? Dr. John didn’t have any either…

His book still went on to become a #1 bestseller, and he was able to spread MASSIVE awareness about his ingenious product for diabetes to make a BIGGER impact.

Chrissa gained a massive following and built an iconic brand with just 1 bestseller book

When she shared her story with the masses in her book, people started to pay attention, listen to what she had to say, and become her raving fans for life.

Do you think your story isn’t special enough? See what she did…

From Tragedy to Triumpha daughter’s terrible accident catapulted her mom’s inspirational speaking career. Yes, her human-interest story became a bestseller.

Dr. John Burd

CEO, Lysulin and Wonder Spray

Bestselling Author of The Natural Solution to the Diabetes Epidemic

I want to thank the people that helped me write this book that's Vikrant and his team at And I never would have been able to do it without their help. If you're consider writing your book, consider They did a great job and very did it in very quick fashion for me.

Nicole F. Smith

CEO, JMS Creative

Bestselling Author of 20 Golden Leadership Nuggets

With their help, I had sales out of this world. I became a number #1 bestselling author in three leadership categories, which is amazing, and I owe it all to It was an easy process. I recommend to everyone I talked to.

Vance Hilderman

CEO, AFuzion Incorporated

Bestselling Author of The Aviation Development Ecosystem

Thanks to Vikrant and his team at, we're #1 bestseller in the aviation category on Amazon. Truly, we sold over a thousand copies the first week alone. rocks! Don't go anywhere else.

Mike Giaimo

Founder, Leverage Resources

Bestselling Author of The Professional You

My book hit #1 bestseller in nine different categories on Amazon. I recommend without hesitation. They are, in fact, the best partner for any writers to have. They are professional. They're extremely diligent. Their team, their process, their services are without a doubt, best in class and well worth the investment.

Meridith Alexander

President, Creative Talent Strategies, Inc.

Bestselling Author of The Sky is the Limit

If you are struggling to create that expert status in whatever industry you're in and you need the social proof, having a book is massive. Thanks to, I now have the social proof and the credibility and people all around the world being familiar with our story. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone who's has an idea that cries out to be heard.

Bruce Weddel

Founder, Creative Talent Strategies, Inc.

Bestselling Author of Master of the One Call Close

I am surprised and so darn proud that the book became a number one bestseller on Amazon. did everything they said they would do and actually they did it just a little bit faster than they said they would. So to Vikrant, Jezreel, and the team at Thank you very much. I am so pleased.

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