4 Things You Need to Know About Book Funnels

book funnel

If you're an author, aspiring writer, and/or entrepreneur who wants to get more of your content published. It's called a book funnel.

Over the last year, book marketing has changed. A new book promotion strategy alone is no longer enough to guarantee book sales – you need to adapt your book marketing strategy so that it becomes more of a book funnel.

It's no surprise that book funnels are on the rise. With their ability to help you build your list, sell more books, and grow your audience – they're totally worth it.

So it's time to stop thinking about your book as a product. It's not just something you sell on Amazon or publish on KDP. It is the first step of an entire sales funnel that leads to more sales, more customers, and better profits for your business. 

If you're an entrepreneur, speaker, author or aspiring writer who is looking for a way to sell more books online without being pushy or spammy then read on.

In this blog post, I will be exploring 4 things you need to know about book funnels: what they are, how they work, why you should use them, and some additional benefits.

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Let’s get started!

What is a book funnel?

What do they look like? And how can you create one for yourself? Fear not! We have all of the answers below. Read on to find out more about these hot new marketing tools.

A book funnel is…

a promotional campaign that gives readers the opportunity to sign up for an email list and receive discounts on your books. It can be used as a lead generation tool or to increase sales.

This is also a new way for authors and entrepreneurs to drive traffic back to their websites by publishing books in different formats (print, audiobook).

Book Funnels are an amazing tool for authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs to promote their books. They are great for bloggers who want to monetize their blogs by turning them into online courses or coaching programs where they can offer paid monthly subscriptions.

Book funnels allow you to create a landing page with all your services in one place so it's easier for people to find what they need. 

At its most basic level, book funnels are book marketing strategies that can be used to create book sales.

But before you start putting book funnel techniques into practice in your book promotion strategy, here are five things you need to know about them:

#1 Marketing and Sales Funnels Are Different – But They Need Each Other

It's easy to get confused by the two terms – book marketing and book sales funnel. To differentiate between them, think about where a book is in the process of being purchased. The customer starts with awareness; they don't yet if they want your book, but there may be something on social media or on an ad that gives them a nudge towards taking notice of it. Awareness is followed by interest. They've seen your book cover more than once but still aren't convinced enough to buy it yet.

When they're ready to take action – that's the book sales funnel kicking into gear. They've moved from awareness and interest into making a book purchase decision.

Book marketing is what gets book buyers interested in your book – which can be done through advertising or endorsements, for example. At the same time, book sales funnels are designed to make people aware of their book-buying options once they decide they want to make a purchase. These two aspects need each other. What makes awareness work is having multiple touchpoints – getting your book cover out there on social media or on adverts more than once will slowly build up awareness of it.

However, book sales funnels cannot work without book marketing – book purchasers need to be aware of their book-buying options before they can take action.

#2 You have to Start Small and Experiment

As with all things book marketing, the best way to figure out what works for you is to experiment – there are so many book promotion strategies that it's impossible to know which ones will succeed unless you give them a try.

It may seem daunting to have multiple book marketing strategies running at once, but this is where book funnels come in handy – using multiple book funnel techniques will increase your chances of success instead of trying one by one until you find something that works. For example, advertising on Twitter alongside Facebook ads will target two different audiences, and both book funnels can be tweaked to deliver faster or more precise results.

#3 Funnel Strategies Are Still Experiments – Tweak as Needed

Just because you're using book funnel techniques doesn't mean that your book promotion strategy is set in stone; book funnels can always be tweaked so they work better for your books. Just like with book marketing strategies, the easiest way to experiment with book funnel techniques is to run multiple campaigns at once – but this time, start small. Run one book funnel alongside another book marketing strategy and keep an eye on which one works best for you and your book.

#4 Think of Your Book Funnel as the Last Stage of the Sales Process

Funnels are book marketing strategies that are designed to make book purchases easier for book buyers. What this means is that book funnels should be thought of as the last step in book sales – so no matter how complicated your book promotion strategy gets, you shouldn't forget about your book funnel! Book sales funnels shouldn't become overly complicated because book buyers need an easy and clear-cut path to making a purchase.

#5 Have Fun with Your Book Promotion Strategy

As you can see from this article, book marketing is becoming more complex but there's no reason why you shouldn't have some fun with it too!

If there's one thing that successful brands know well it's that adding a personal touch to their book marketing campaign can be a smart move.

At the same time, book promotion strategies should always focus on book sales – after all, that will be a book marketing campaign's number one goal – to reach a potential customer and secure that dough. So mix up your book marketing strategy to keep it interesting and keep book buyers engaged – but remember to have fun as you go!

How to use a book funnel

book funnel

Follow these steps when putting together your book funnel:

1: Your cover should capture attention by both humans and search engines – it needs to be exactly what your readers want – great quality, professionally designed, and quickly (within 5 seconds) convey the message of what your book is about.

2: Write an awesome book description that will catch people's attention on book-selling websites like Amazon – do not skip this step!

3: Have an awe-inspiring book launch plan in place for when you start promoting your book online (this includes using another book funnels element – launching with massive influence).

4: Create an author website through which book readers can get to know you as an expert in your field and book buyers will trust you as the author of a book they want to buy.

5: Develop book marketing strategies that work – this includes book review requests, book promotion through your social media channels, book giveaways, a free course, etc.

The bottom line is:

A book funnel guides book readers to your book and makes book sales happen.

You want your book to be noticed online? You need all the bells and whistles! It'll help you rise above the noise by getting it seen on both search engines as well as audiences' screens.

Benefits of using a Book Funnel

book funnel

Book sales, book reviews, increased book ranking – you name it! A book funnel provides many benefits when it's implemented correctly. Here are just some of the benefits:

1. Increases book promotion visibility

One book funnel will ensure that your book is advertised out to a variety of audiences. Whether that's on social media, in book stores, or on Amazon. This means the right people will have the chance to see your book and buy it! An increase in book promotion visibility may also lead to more leads and more money.

2. Directs traffic from all book sales sources

All book sales sources lead back to one place: your book funnel. So you can track where clicks are coming from and what works best for future marketing campaigns.

You'll also be able to sell more books as potential readers can find you easily no matter which source they're looking at!

3. Builds authority and increases income with book promotion

Book funnels allow you to build authority as an author/expert/speaker in your niche. You are now on the path to building trust with new customers. You can use your book as an arbitrator, who will make their lives better by letting it help them out in whatever way needed! That's what thought leaders are all about!

Your book funnel guides readers and buyers to your website so you can build up an audience that will want more.

With the ease of use and availability for book promotion, more people are turning their attention away from traditional methods. With this in mind comes one major part that cannot be overlooked – brand building!

Successful book marketing campaigns increase book sales and earnings in the long run. They can even convert readers and gain new readers in the near future for you as well! Are you struggling to rank higher on Amazon? Get reviews, new leads and an increased income with the power of a book funnel.

4. Expands your book reach

Online book advertising is easy with the right strategies. You can save your readers valuable time by using these techniques that are sure to be successful!

They can find what they need quickly and buy right away without having to search around aimlessly – which means they're buying through you instead of someone else.

A good sales strategy means reaching a wide range of potential customers and showing them. Book funnels make sure your book will be found online by both search engines and human eyeballs. They guarantee an expanded book reach which is something that you definitely want for your next new book release.

Why you should use a book funnel?

The book funnel is a visual representation of your entire distribution strategy. From social media posts, to the Amazon marketplace and even in-store displays for books. It all comes together on this one graphic!

Book funnels include a book cover that catches the eye. A book description that pulls them in. A book launch plan to get the ball rolling at full speed. An author website that establishes your authority in your niche. And book marketing strategies to get the book in front of your target audience.

Having a book funnel can make your marketing so much easier than doing without it.

In the book promotion world book funnels are a vital part of book marketing plans. They're simply a must-have in the book business.

All of these are key essentials to succeeding as a published author.

I'll give you five quick reasons why it matters and why you should use it for your next book release:

Increase visibility

Direct Traffic

Build Authority

Create Income

Expand Reach

When book funnels are implemented in book marketing, book sales will rise.

One funnel is never enough! But multiple funnels will send your book's exposure levels skyrocketing even faster.

You need a complete book marketing strategy that includes your book promotion and more . A book funnel is a powerful marketing tool. It works with the elements of any business to get more leads and customers interested in your books so they buy it!

If you’ve read this far, then it seems like your company is in need of a boost. You can use your own book funnel to generate leads, get an edge over the competition or just simply sell books. It's a great way of advertising and marketing for authors! I hope this ultimate guide will help you in your future endeavor as a published author and entrepreneur.

Do you want help figuring out which method will work best for your business and highly targeted potential clients? We can be reached at bestsellingbook.com any time!

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Let's work together towards making that successful book funnel!

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