List of Best Free and Paid Book Promotion Sites in 2020

One of the best ways to improve your Kindle book sales is to hand out your Amazon sales page link, like flyers to a festival, to as many free and paid promotion sites as possible. 

Some say it’s an overused tactic; some say it’s not. Love it or hate it, it’s still effective to this day; and it’s here to stay. 

I made a compilation of free and paid ebook promotion sites. 

Each site has different requirements to get you accepted. So I did a little research to help you and see what really fits you. 

By the end of this article you will have: 

  • A hefty list of promotion sites; both free and paid.
  • A better understanding of how these promotion sites work.
  • A number of options to choose from, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching what’s best. 

Here is a list of reliable free and paid book promotion site that you try:

Promotion SitePriceRequirements
Armadillo EbooksFree$5 $20 for 15 sitesArmadillo EBooks is completely free with the option to upgrade to VIP
Ask DavidFree$15You can submit the same book once every two weeks
Author Ad Network$129Promotes your book to 28 different promotional sites.
Author Marketing Club$97Promotes your book to 28 different sites, plus it has different tools to help you in your book marketing campaign.
Authors DenFree$75The basic account is free but there’s a fee if you want to upgrade to a gold membership to get more exposure
Awesome Book Promotion$65They have five different platforms where they can promote your site. You can freely customize when to show your book in which site, or just show them in all five platforms
Awesome GangFree$10Totally free but you can opt for the paid promotion for a guaranteed spot on their homepage. 
Bargain Booksy$20 – $170 The price depends on how many much readers there are in each genre. The more popular the genre the more expensive the cost.
Book AngelFreeIt’s free but you have to make sure your content is PG-13. That means no erotica.
Book Barbarian$25 – $55Your book must be in the fantasy and fiction genre and should have at least 10 reviews with a 3.5/5 star rating. 
Book Basset$8 – $22/day No explicit content allowed. With the choice of being the giveaway of the day or featured author
Book BongoFree$9.99 – $149.99There is a free account option, but there are various packages as well. 
BookBub$25 – $500Very strict acceptance criteria but has an excellent average ROI. Countless authors have had great success after getting featured on BookBub. 
Book CircleFree$10 – $20 There’s a free account without the guarantee of getting a promotion but there’s a premium and professional package that is guaranteed of getting a promotion.
Book GoodiesFree$25 – $399They will post your book on Facebook but will not include it in the newsletter with the free account.  
Book Gorilla$40 – $150 Your book must have a 4-star rating with more than five reviews, but there are exceptions. 
Book HippoFreeJust create an account 
Book Lemur$25 – $35Add $1 for ebooks priced at $1-$2.99Add $2 for ebooks above 2.99No particular rating requirement but the more reviews you have the better. 
Book RaidFree$1 – $20No rating requirement, but reviews are accountable. They charge on a per-click basis that maxes out at $20.
Book Reader Magazine$20 The $20 will get you a featured spot on the homepage for seven days. 
Book Sliced$18 – $43Book Sliced will promote your book on three sites. No specific rating requirement. Prices start at $18 
Bookpraiser$10 – $180There are different types of promotions such as a new book release, upcoming sale, book of the week/month, etc. They also have author promotion plans.
Books On The KnobFreeRates are available thru emailHuge display of your cover for the book of the day feature. 
Buck BooksFree$9 – $29Your book must be priced at 99 cents or less during your promotion, its listing on Kindle must show that it is at least 60 pages in length, you must have at least 10 reviews with an average rating of 3.8 stars or higher
Content MoFree$1.99 – $169You can submit a free ebook ad. But they have a very flexible price plan, that ranges from tweets to email newsletters
Deal Seeking MomFreePromotes deals on not just books but different products as well. 
Digital Book TodayFree$25 – $40 They have different rating requirements for different genres. 
Discount Book ManFree$15Free frontpage listing, paying $15 can get you a featured listing, social media, and email promotions. 
E Reader GirlFree$20 No particular rating required but the more reviews your book has the better the chances
E Reader IQ$10 – $30Pricing depends on the genre and the price of your book. Contact support for more details
E Reader LoveFreeHas a wide range of genres. No rating requirements stated.
E Reader News Today$60 – $150No rating requirement but ratings are taken into account. 
EBook Deals Today$5 – $10Authors can submit four books in a month to be featured as an ebook deal of the day.
Ebook Hounds$10 – $50 Your book should be free or 40% off the retail price. It should have a rating of no less than three stars and at least 10 reviews. The price depends on the genre.
EBook ListerFreeYour book should have a 3.5 rating or higher with at least 5 reviews. There are exceptions though
Ebook StageFree$10 – $50Must have a good quality book cover. 
EbookasaurusFree$10 for website listings $25 for website listing and email promotionsNo special requirements
EBooks HabitFree$10$15+ No rating requirement but you must have at least five or more reviews
Free BooksFreeIf your book is permafree, it can have a permanent listing on their site.
Free Books Hub$10 – $15Your book can be promoted on their site, email and social media. 
Free Booksy$30 – $200They have different packages for different promotions.
Free Discounted Books$12$35You can advertise on this site alone for $12 for 30 days for limited time free books or $35 for more 30 days or more for permafree books. 
Free Kindle Books 4 UFreeFree promotion doesn’t guarantee a feature on the website but if you donate you will be guaranteed a spot on the homepage for the entire duration of your promotion period. 
Free Kindle Books and Tips$25No details about their requirements and what their service will give you. Please contact the site for more details.
Free Stuff UnlimitedFreeThis site isn’t just about books, but books are more than welcome.
Free TodayFree They don’t have a website yet, but you are more than welcome to join their community and promote your book.
Frugal FreebiesFreeThey don’t have a rating requirement but your book has to be free even for a limited time only for it to be considered for a feature.
Genre Pulse$16 – $40 You can only promote free and $0.99 books 
Good Kindles$25-$45The more expensive packages gives you more exposure for your book across all three mediums (website, social media, newsletter)
Hidden Gems Books$20 – $400If you’re having trouble getting reviews for your book. They have a program called ARC where they will send it to their network of reviewers for a price.
Hot Zippy$23 – $337They have a wide range of packages available. You can choose how long you want your book to be promoted. 
I Crave FreebiesFreeContact the website for more details on paid options.  No information provided. 
I Like Ebooks$4.99 – $19.99Different packages, different levels of exposure through various mediums
Indie Author NewsFreePaidContact the website for more information about their promotional services. No info upfront.
Indie Book Of The DayFree$30 – $50Checkout different promotional packages for you as an author and your book.
InkittFreeFiction books only. They will also offer you a publishing deal if their readers like your book. 
It's Write NowFree$10 – $20The free package doesn’t guarantee a feature, but if your book is selected you can get featured on the front page for three days and it will be included in the daily book selection email.
Jungle Deals and StealsFreeCompiles all the steals and deals (including books) on Amazon in one site. 
Just Kindle Books$18 – $43Your book can be promoted on all three of their sites, social media, and their newsletters. 
Kindle Book Review$10 – $40 Check out different packages that they have. You can even choose just one type of promotion if you are strictly on a budget.
Kindle Mojo$35 – $155They have a wide array of options including author promotions and tweets.
Kindle Nation Daily$29.99 – $139.98You can choose from a wide array of packages that they have, from different features on their website, to social media, to daily newsletters. 
Korner KonnectionFreePromotion is completely free mainly through their Facebook page.
Lovely Book PromotionsFree$4 – $75 They have different packages across different mediums. They also have an Instagram feature.
Many Books$29  – $39Your book can get promoted through their website or their newsletters. They even have packages where you can get professional reviews. 
Mobile Read ForumFreeThis is just a forum but you are free to promote your book under their guidelines.
New Free Kindle BooksFree$5 – $25You can promote your permafree and on sale books here. The bigger you pay the more exposure you get. 
One Hundred Free Books$75 – $100Your book can be listed on their website, daily email, and social media.
Penny Pinchin MomPaid This is a general freebies and discounts website. Contact the website for more information on their promotion packages.
Pillow Talk Books$25 – $250Their standard package gets you a feature on their website and the daily newsletter. Their most luxurious package is the newsletter takeover. 
Planet Ebooks$19.95 – $59.95Different packages are  available. They have over 130,000 followers on Facebook. The more you pay, the more exposure you get.
Pretty Hot BooksFree$25Paid promotion guarantees a spot on their front page and their newsletter.
Reading DealsFree$29Getting a free account doesn’t guarantee a promotion.
Riffle Books$150 for most genresIt should be free or discounted at least 50%. It should be at least 150 pages long. Contact them directly for more details on pricing.
Robin Reads$45 – $85Your book should be free or $0.99, error-free, and full length. 
Snicks List$1 – $5Packages start at $1. No information provided upfront. 
Steamy Romance Books$34.99 – $349This ebook site is for romance and erotica ebooks. 
The eReader CafeFree$25 – $40Your book should have at least three reviews with a 4-star rating or better. 
The Fussy Librarian$15 – $41They have different pricing for books priced at $0.99 – $5.99 and free books. Pricing depends on your genre
This Is Writing$50 They do not approve of any graphic sexual content. Your book should be error-free and it should have an attractive professional-looking cover. 
Topless CowboyFree$20The paid option will guarantee a spot on their front page, newsletters, and social media channels.
WhizBuzz Books$49 For $49, your book will be promoted all year long through 14 social media channels upon publishing and eight channels all throughout the year.
Your Book Promoter$89 – $499 They may be on the expensive side of things but they have reasons for that. They have over 700,000 real followers on twitter. Plus they also have packages where they can make Amazon and FB ads for you. 
Zwoodle BooksFreeGive them as much lead time as you can. Your book isn’t guaranteed a post but they do post as much as they can through their major social media channels.

Now that you have a list of where to promote your book and a little description of their requirements, you won’t have any trouble getting the word out about your book. Whichever site or sites you choose, this will help you increase exposure for your book. 

The best probably, in my opinion, is Inkitt just because they can offer you a book deal if they think your book is great. This is not a promotion of some kind, it’s just cool that you can hit two birds with one stone with that site. 


If you find this long list to be time consuming, and you don't want to submit your books over here you can still feature your book on 32+ sites within 15 seconds using the ultimate Kindle promotion tool KDROI.

Another Smart Option

You can also try enrolling your book on KDP Select. This is an optional program that let’s you reach more readers and earn more money by enrolling your book in Amazon’s subscription models. 

You can choose between:

  1. Kindle Unlimited (KU) – for $9.99 a month, KU subscribers have access to over 1.7 million books in the Kindle store including audiobooks and magazines.  
  2. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (KOLL) – This is one of the benefits of having an Amazon Prime account. For $119 a year or $12.99 a month. They can borrow one ebook each month. 

One downside to this is once you enroll in KDP Select, you can’t sell the digital version of your book in any other platform. It will be exclusive to Amazon. But you are free to sell your paperback copy on any platform you want. 

What’s in it for you?

  • You can earn more royalties –  You can earn a share of the KDP Global Fund based on how many pages KU and KOLL readers read from your book. You can also earn 70% royalties from book sales in Japan, India, Brazil, and Mexico. 
  • Reach a Wider Market – Kindle Unlimited is available in U.S, U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Japan, and Australia. Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is available in the U.S, U.K., Germany, France, and Japan.
  • Maximize Amazon’s Promo Tools – Amazon has a free book promotion, where readers around the world can get your book for free for a limited time. Amazon also has Kindle Countdown Deals where they offer your book at a discounted rate for a limited time and you earn royalties.

Now that I’ve shared all of these with you, I’m sure you won’t have a problem promoting your book.