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If you genuinely have a story to tell, there’s someone who genuinely needs to read it.

With our dedicated team of professional writers, editors, book designers, publishers, and marketers, we’ll transform the thoughts in your head into a bestselling book, written in your very own voice.

Your bestseller will boost your credibility and establish you as an authority in your industry. With a #1 bestseller as social proof, you’ll skyrocket your business like never before.

You’ll be better able to…

Build your personal brand

Generate high-quality leads

Land speaking gigs

Win high-ticket clients

Get invited to podcasts and shows

Charge premium rates for your own products or services

Who are we?

Trust our deep industry experience — BestsellingBook.com is a proud, successful company, with…

250+ Bestsellers

We’ve been in business for 9 years and have hundreds of bestsellers under our belt. Many of them have achieved a #1 bestselling status in multiple categories!  

250+ Happy Clients

Our clients had either no time or no writing skills to write their own book. Now, they’re all #1 bestselling authors lacking in time for another reason — their bestseller keeps generating them new business!

1000+ Angel Writers

We don’t work with ghostwriters, but instead with professional angel writers who specialize in very specific niches. We’ll find the perfect one for you. They’ll talk with you to understand your core message, and then write your book in your authentic voice.

Thousands of Hours Saved

It can take months, if not years, to write your own book. But we’ve got book-writing, publishing, and marketing down to a hard science and a high art. The whole process will take just six months, or less! Don’t waste another second of your precious time staring at a blank page.

How do we work?

Like clockwork. As mentioned, we’ve been at this for close to a decade, and we have the process streamlined to perfection.

Here’s a quick rundown of our comprehensive Done For You service…


  1. Finalize your profitable book idea
  2. Lock in your “WHY” for writing the book, and plan your backend business funnel and lead generation funnel
  3. Identify your target reader
  4. Create a unique hook to distinguish your book from others in the market
  5. Select an angel writer who understands you and your vision for your book
  6. Draft your book’s outline
  7. Come up with a title and subtitle
  8. Give your angel writer the go signal to write your book’s content in your own voice based on prior interviews with you (BTW, you get unlimited revisions!)
  9. Allow us to undertake professional copy editing to ensure accuracy and consistency of style,
  10. And then final proofreading to ensure your manuscript is as error-free as possible prior to publishing


  1. Get the cover copy, author bio, and book description written by a copywriter
  2. Design your Kindle cover 
  3. Design your paperback (or hardcover) cover
  4. Format your eBook so it can be enjoyed on the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, and every popular eBook reader
  5. Design the paperback interior to ensure an attractive layout that enhances the reading experience
  6. Create a book trailer video to generate enthusiasm among potential readers and compel them to buy a copy
  7. Perform keyword research, a competition pricing assessment, and category research
  8. Secure an ISBN number for your book
  9. Create an Amazon KDP account
  10. Publish and distribute the Kindle and paperback versions of your book — you retain all rights and royalties to the book (Bonus: 100 gift copies to your address)


  1. Set up your Amazon author central page
  2. Create a Book Launch Plan to hit the #1 Bestseller on Amazon
  3. Launch your book! — release your masterpiece through email lists we have relationships with, and promote it on social media and relevant websites
  4. Achieve your guaranteed #1 Bestseller Status
  5. Give you your #1 bestselling author award
  6. Get at least 15 authentic verified reviews on Amazon
  7. Create a full set of social media posts and graphics for a month
  8. Prepare your press release kit
  9. Undertake a press release distribution to get your book featured on 100+ media sites, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and more
  10. Come up with a personalized marketing plan on how to maximize profit from your bestselling book

For a more comprehensive overview of our process, check out this fun video…

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Still in doubt?

Check out these stats.

The top three reasons poll respondents really struggle to write their book is because they have no plan, no team, and no writing “rhythm” (because they weren’t natural writers). Well, we’ll take care of all that for you. We’ll give you a comprehensive plan, which we’ll execute ourselves (you just approve the plan), and we’ll give you an extensive team of seasoned writers, editors, book designers, publishers, and marketers.

Nonfiction writers generally have a harder time succeeding than fiction writers. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Nonfiction is our specialty!

The number of authors and writers in the U.S. has gradually increased from 40,000+ in 2011 to 45,000+ in 2019. This positive trend is likely ongoing, so delays in writing your book will only mean more competition down the line. Let us get your bestseller out in just six months or less!

The majority of bestsellers reach their sales peak within 15 weeks. So it won’t take long at all for you to start getting a return on your investment. And keep in mind that this is just from book sales alone. You still have loads of other avenues — more clients, speaking gigs, and higher rates for your own products and services — to profit! 

Nearly 90% percent of entrepreneurs reported that their businesses had grown with more clients, and nearly half reported that those clients were high-ticket.

In a survey of 150 entrepreneurs, more than a third reported a doubling of their earnings after their book was written. And that’s just an ordinary book! Now imagine what a bestselling book could do! 






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